March 14, 2019

“I need to lose weight.” Just about every woman has uttered something similar, but then done nothing about it. Despite wanting to lose weight, why is it that people then don’t take action to make it happen?

We hear these excuses often, so our programs are designed to overcome the roadblocks to help women get started and achieve the results they want:

1. “Why would this work when nothing else does?”

We get it. Most of our members have tried all sorts of different diets and weight loss strategies. Sometimes they have success, but it rarely lasts. The problem is that most like the idea of the ‘quick-fix’ and then returning to normal. Of course, returning to normal eating patterns means that weight returns to match those patterns. Our programs focus on lifestyle change – and this doesn’t mean changing everything. Sometimes it’s just some small tweaks to eating patterns, other times bigger changes are needed, but the focus is on how to make the changes work for each person. Sustainability is the key.

2. “I can never stick with a diet, so I’ll just fail again.”

If the strategy involves a vague dream, a dose of willpower, and a load of deprivation, it’s doomed to fail. Making change with support, accountability, a little hand-holding and a load of encouragement turns the impossible into reality. We also help with strategies to help navigate tricky situations where food temptations might present a problem – advance planning does a lot to help stay on track.

3. “What if I don’t like what they tell me to eat?”

Who wants to eat food they don’t enjoy? Not us. We each have different taste preferences. Our bodies respond differently than others to different foods. Every body is different. We help members identify foods they like and which their body likes, so that they get the results they like.

4. “I have to get fit before I go to a gym.”

There are definitely those who feel embarrassed by their low fitness levels, but the only way to improve is to get started. We’ve helped people from the absolute beginner through to those who are very confident in the gym. Each member is taught how to use the exercise machines, including starting slowly and, over time, increasing the effort as fitness improves.

5. “They’ll tell me off if I eat something I’m not supposed to.”

From time to time, everyone has slip-ups, makes mistakes, or deliberately eats something they know they shouldn’t. Unless it creates a life-or-death reaction, it’s no big deal and we’ll respond accordingly. A slip-up or two will make little difference to long-term results. The bottom line is that our members are adults, and they make their own decisions. If they’re unhappy with their decisions, we’ll help them strategise how to avoid the problem. If they’re happy with the decision and happy with the results it brings, then we’re happy for them

6. “I don’t want anyone to know how much weight I’ve got to lose.”

The first time might be embarrassing, but there is no judgement. We have enormous respect for people who acknowledge that they don’t like something and then take steps to change it. Instead of focusing on the starting point, we help members look ahead and focus on their goals.

7. “I used to be really slim but now my body is out of control.”

Many members say that they used to be able to eat whatever they wanted, but not any more. Perhaps the strategies that used to worked no longer do. As we get older, hormonal changes affect nearly everything, and weight management is just part of this. Making lifestyle changes that work with – not against – the changing body is essential.

8. “I don’t want to force my family to go on a diet – and I won’t cook two meals.”

Who wants to cook two different meals? The focus of our eating plans is on fresh, easily accessible foods from the supermarket, butcher and greengrocer. With minimal processing, it’s a recipe for health as well as weight management.

9. “I haven’t got time to put into losing weight.”

There’s no need to research, trawl through recipes, wonder what you need to do or how to make it happen; our systemised, step-by-step programs and one-on-one coaching saves time and makes change easier.

10. “I’ve got too much going on at the moment and I’m tired.”

It’s surprising how many people find that eating well and adding in some exercise gives them energy, both physically and mentally. It’s almost counter-intuitive, but it’s real. Feeling sluggish, overloaded, unmotivated, or lethargic can often be improved, very quickly, by simple lifestyle changes.

If you feel you’d like to lose some weight and have been putting it off, we’d love to have a chat. You never know what you might make happen.