January 28, 2021

10 Short Cuts that Make Weight Loss Easier

A good shortcut isn’t about cheating your way out of necessary effort. It’s about finding a better, smarter, more efficient way to do something – ideally that saves time, makes life easier, and gets you closer to your goals. Experts in every field use short cuts. In fact, in many cases knowing the best shortcuts are what makes someone an expert in their field.

Most people think that losing weight is difficult – but by using these weight loss short cuts you may even find that you have fun, enjoy the process and if you can make these tips habits, then you are on your way to enjoying weight control and better health.

  1. Ensure your fridge is stocked with protein (meats, fish, cheese and eggs), low carb vegetables (think mainly green with some red and yellow and grown above the ground) and low carb fruits (fresh or frozen).
  2. Ensure you have quantities of good fats – avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, butter.
  3. Clean out your cupboards of any “temptation” foods that are not on-plan. These would include highly processed foods like biscuits, cakes, rice, pasta, cereals and vegetable oils. 
  4. Make sure you have spices in the cupboard or grow your own herbs.
  5. Menu plan for the week before you go shopping.
  6. Never shop hungry – eat before you go shopping.
  7. After shopping – choose a time to meal-prep for the week. Set aside 2-4 hours which will save you many hours throughout the week and reduce meal frustration.
  8. Prioritise protein for every meal and snack.
  9. Sit at the table to eat and put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls.
  10. Ensure daily you have 8 glasses of water or calorie-free fluids like black tea and coffee, mineral water and clear soups.

These are just a few “short cuts” that can lead to weight loss success. Do you use these? Can you see that by adding some of these tips into your life that it may make it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals?

As part of the Healthy Inspirations program, we have loads of tips and ideas that we share with our members to make their journeys easier and more fun.

If you treat it like a game, you may find that you enjoy the process – and even more – enjoy the outcome and the results.

If you’ve being saying to yourself something like “I know what I’m meant to be doing”, but you’re stumbling and just not losing weight, you may benefit from a step-by-step program and weekly accountability like the Healthy Inspirations program. Contact your nearest centre now if you want to learn more!

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