February 23, 2023

Embarking on a weight loss journey or even struggling through a plateau can often be the difference between having high-quality positive thoughts or giving way to all the negative thoughts you keep telling yourself or reading about. 

We’d love to share some mindset ideas with you that may put you into the right frame of mind and place your achievements and goals into perspective.

There is often a conflict of identity if you have always viewed yourself as overweight but now you find yourself on the journey to a transformed body and shape. You can see it and feel it, but your old thoughts and habits have not yet become aligned with the new you.

Find one or some of these ideas that resonate with you. Write them out, put them in your phone or on your computer and read them out aloud at least daily, to start some reprogramming of your mind and your new more positive identity.

  1. Be open to change as change is inevitable. Allow yourself to embrace change. Your life will be made easier by being flexible and adaptable. Practice makes permanent so start being flexible today!!!!
  2. Do you feel uncomfortable accepting a compliment? Many people are conditioned to reject a compliment. Learn to smile and simply say, “Thank you”.
  3. Build the world you want. Be and act like your future self. Do the things and behave like your future self would. Get the rewards that your future self enjoys. Never ever take your eye off your future self.
  4. Be a strong person. “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  5. Be confident by having confidence. This quiet inner knowledge makes you feel secure and sure of what you can do. Value your achievements, know your strengths and weaknesses, have goals and be a good listener. Have fun with this.
  6. Start believing in yourself. It’s not what’s on the outside that’s important, but what’s on the inside in your thoughts. Remember that happiness comes from the inside – your thoughts and focus – and not others.
  7. Don’t give up on your dreams and your goals. We are all faced with challenges but it’s how we respond to these challenges that is the difference between achieving and not achieving. Be the Achiever!!!! Play the long game. Don’t rely on short term results.
  8. What do you like about yourself? List 5 things you like about yourself and your body. It might be your nose or eyes, your legs or waist, your hair or skin or even your dimples or freckles. Write them down and pop the list on your bathroom mirror so you can read it every day.
  9. Stay focused on what you can control and what moves you closer to your goals. Anything beyond your control is a waste of your time and energy.
  10. Helping others is a gift. Find a friend, neighbour, work colleague or family member who may like some help. It feels so good to know that you have helped someone in need – perhaps the confidence boost you needed. You’re amazing!!!!
  11. Motivation is a pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. But don’t rely on motivation as it fluctuates. Have some non-weight-related long-term goals: being able to play with the grandchildren, have energy to exercise daily, spend time gardening and to feel fit and healthy. These will help keep you on track.
  12. There are lots of reasons but no excuses. Reasons become excuses when they are used to avoid responsibility. Stay focused on your goals so there is no reason for excuses.
  13. Your weight and your health are your responsibility. If you have a bad day or a slip-up don’t play the blame game. Own up and take responsibility. We all make mistakes – then get back on-plan.
  14. Do you like to challenge yourself? Why not try something new today that has nothing to do with your weight loss goal? Life is meant to be lived – to laugh and to play. Learn how to throw a frisbee (using your non-dominant hand), sign up for a language course, buy a hula hoop or skipping rope and use it, get a new hairstyle, sign up for guitar or piano lessons, learn a language, or volunteer your services to a local charity.
  15. Reward small achievements along your journey. Find non-food rewards that you love: movie tickets, fresh flowers, a good book, clothes shopping, bush or beach walk, music concert, date with a friend – the list is endless.
  16. Support from family, friends and work colleagues can make achieving your goals easier – or harder. Choose to spend your time with people who support similar health outcomes like your own. If you go to an exercise centre, say hi and introduce yourself to others.
  17. Move forward – one step at a time. If you can do one thing each day that moves you towards your future self, what would it be today? Embrace challenge, be gritty and focus on hope and commitment for your future.
  18. Self-care is more than enjoying a bubble bath or having a massage. It’s focusing and doing what feels good to you. Self-care includes your physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, spiritual, professional, and financial health. Start small, simple, and easy-to-do and go from there. 
  19. A confused mind will not and cannot make decisions, and is full of limitations, regrets, and past mistakes.Confusion can come from thinking you should do one thing but wanting to do something else. A strategy could be to dialogue with yourself out loud or on paper, and then speak to a friend (or your coach) for an outcome.
  20. Old habits die hard. New habits die easy. Develop new healthy habits – or short cuts – so that it requires less brain power and less struggle to respond if you have a slip-up. These new habits should make you healthy and happy and be linked to your goals.
  21. You have more conversations with yourself than you do with anyone else in your life. Speak kindly to yourself like you would a best friend. Be tolerant, kind, and considerate.
  22. Procrastination stops us from starting and this may be why. Are you a perfectionist, a dreamer, or a worrier? Why not try to be a Nike – and just do it!
  23. Learn to put yourself first. This may involve doing things that are difficult or that make you feel uncomfortable. You can’t be or do anything for others unless you take care of yourself. 
  24. Plan ahead. Be deliberate, clear, and well organised. Pre-planning meal selection, shopping lists, meal-prep and daily activity helps reduce decision fatigue. Don’t rely on luck or motivation to be successful.
  25. Be clear about what you’re working towards. A picture, written words, a favourite outfit you want to get back into, a planned holiday or a significant birthday or celebration. Look at and/or read every day. Be your future self every day.

Of course, mindset thoughts need to be combined with the right eating plan for your body. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of strength.

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