June 15, 2023

Losing weight has often been linked to eating less calories than the calories we burn. Or just eat less and exercise more. Now science is helping to understand that there is a lot more involved than this.

Being at a weight that you are most comfortable with is not just about the number on the scales. It could be your waist-to-height measurement (under 50%), how your clothes fit you, your mood and energy levels, underlying (or lack of) health conditions and your overall mental health.

For most of us this means having to make lasting lifestyle changes. Let’s not kid ourselves about this.

We need to be able to identify what approaches and strategies will not only facilitate change for the short-term (as weight loss can be achieved in the short term) but what are realistic, positive healthy habits that will sustain our best weight for the long-term.

Our habits lay the foundations for success or failure in all areas of our lives.

So “Lousy habits repeated again and again will lead to lousy results”.

Keep in mind, habits are merely tools to achieve certain outcomes. It’s never about the habit itself, but about how it contributes to a better life.

  • Imagine having a more positive attitude?
  • Imagine being in better health?
  • Imagine having more all-day energy?
  • Imagine having clearer outcomes about your physical, emotional and social wellness? 
  • Imagine being more self-confident, especially around others?
  • Imagine feeling happier?

Let’s assume you have your goal defined in clear precise terms, so they become actionable. Clear goals and action plans dramatically increase your odds of success. You know how much weight you will lose, by when and why you want to lose this weight. You may even have a holiday or special occasion organised and a particular piece of clothing in mind.

Plus, you have a proven plan, and a support-accountability structure in place.

So now it’s time to implement new healthy habits to ensure success.  We encourage you to use these habits tips daily for easier and faster results.

Daily habit tip 1:

Aim for small and manageable behaviour changes because failure can be very discouraging. 

When you start too big and with lots of intentions, you risk falling off plan before the habit has had enough time and repetition to fully settle into the brain’s neural pathways. 

One missed day may trigger a downward spiral leading to multiple missed days. For many they eventually just stop because they think they have failed. Instead focus on what has been achieved so far. Count the small results like 500g lost, pants are looser, more energy, better sleep, and no more bloating or brain fog.

Daily habit tip 2:

Turn off your phone 60 minutes before bed and train your mind to slow down. A book is fine. When you go to sleep your subconscious takes over so take this time for your mind to work on positive thoughts and outcomes.

Journaling is a proven way to get things out of your head and onto paper. Write 3 wins you had that day and 3 wins you want for tomorrow. If there’s an important task you must remember to do tomorrow, write it down.

Good quality sleep can reduce stress, balance hormones and support your body’s metabolic functions. Sleep deprivation adversely affects fat burning by overly increasing insulin (some call the fat storing hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone).

Daily habit tip 3:

Being completely honest with yourself and taking complete responsibility for your successes and challenges. All progress starts by telling yourself the truth.

Each day the responsibility is yours for what you eat and drink, how much exercise and movement you include in your day, your reaction to challenges and managing your stress levels. 

Completing your Daily Planner, pre-planning meals and shopping, batch cooking and ensuring your fridge and pantry only have on-plan foods and drinks. This may sound like hard work but makes life easier for you.

This is where having a health coach that you meet with at the same time each week (in person or via Zoom) is a great back-up to keep you on-track and on-plan.

Daily habit tip 4:

Humans are social creatures so if you have not been good at staying in contact with friends and family look at some things to add to your daily life.

Be interested not interesting. Express love to or for someone. Be positive. Work on what you can control. Practice gratitude (Complete the Happy mind, healthy body page at the start of each week in your Daily Planner). Be grateful. Become a giver. Be a great listener. Do something to bring joy to another person. Call a friend. Spend time with people who have similar health goals.

Make your present better by making your future bigger – Dan Sullivan

It is easy to get discouraged as many new and healthy habits come from delayed gratification. This means that you may have a habit for a while before you see or feel a result. Everything you do should be focused on your goal.

Remember healthy habits can rewire your brain and reduce oxidative stress making weight loss easier. Practice being better not bitter.

Eventually, great habits will give you a new freedom.

If you would like extra help with accountability and perfecting new healthy habits our coaches can help you. Get in touch now.