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4 Week Transformation Challenge


4 Week Transformation Challenge

You Are Just 1 Step Away!

If you're looking to transform your body and live a lighter, healthier and happier life - this could be the most life-changing page you’ve ever stumbled upon.

Wendy Forman
Healthy Inspirations

My name is Wendy Forman and over the last 14 years I, along with the fantastic staff at Healthy Inspirations New Zealand, have helped over 2,500 ladies (many just like you), to lose their unwanted kilos – and keep it off for good.

On this programme - you'll have a programme that's been designed to meet your goals based on your starting point, dietary preferences (and more) to burn through unwanted fat.

You'll then work one-on-one with one of our coaches to guide you on your unique plan to transform your body. This can be done in our centre, or we have a great online supportive group environment as well.

We promise to use ALL the resources at our disposal to enable your success - as long as you put in the work and commit to change.

With this programme exercise is 100% optional. But for those who are ready to do some exercise we offer a great low resistance exercise circuit in our centre Plus a large range of on-demand workouts and live classes each week online if preferred. They are short, varied and fun and they'll have you looking better and feeling amazing in no time.


This is NOT a "set and forget" programme where you're handed a "one-size-fits-all" plan and then left alone to struggle. You'll get a unique combination of training, nutrition and mindset coaching that's supported by your coach plus a supportive community of like-minded people - all on the same journey of achieving optimal health and fitness.

My experienced health coaches and I will guide and support you through, and you'll have access to new friends to share recipes, workout tips and just provide much-needed support either face to face or on-line.

We have a culture of hard work, supportive community and RESULTS through time-tested methods. There's no fanfare or shortcuts but our way works.

So, if you are tired of trying to change the way you look and constantly coming up short, crumbling or 'falling off the wagon', and you want some extra motivation, support and expert coaching, we can help.

Register at the bottom of this page, to express interest to learn more, and then we'll book you in for a free Information session.

If your application is successful, we will put you on course to change the way feel and LIVE for the rest of your life.

What the Programme involves


More than a diet, you get a personalised eating plan based on real food. You'll learn how to lose weight, using food from your local supermarket, and receive healthy quick recipes that you and your family can enjoy together.

Our members are amazed that they steadily lose weight without being hungry.

Some say that a 'diet' is the last thing you would call it! Developed by a leading Australian dietician who specialises in healthy eating plans targeted towards women.


Through the programme you will find yourself immersed in the strong community of like-minded people with close personal support from your Health Coach - which might prevent you falling off the wagon.


You will learn what works for your body as everyone has their own individual tolerance levels for different foods.

This programme is all about education so you know exactly what to do to maintain a healthy and happy life.

One-on-one coaching (online or in centre)

Giving you an eating plan and telling you to exercise is like giving a student books without a teacher.

That’s why the Healthy Inspirations programme includes support with both face to face or online video chat - one-on-one coaching sessions to help you reach and maintain your healthy weight goal.

Our members often say that it is our one-on-one coaching that made the big difference compared to other things they have tried.

Exercise - included but optional

The exercise programme options are designed to provide the best exercise for women of all ages wanting a better shape. Not only will you be slimmer, you'll be firmer too.

Our easy to use circuit at the centre and our on-demand, do-it-at-home sessions and live online group exercise classes are a part of your membership, so there are no hidden fees. So if you are unable to attend the circuit in our centre, you can still exercise if you choose to at home.

Our special women's exercise protocol burns more calories and gives you a firmer body in less time.

My Story - Anna

Anna before and after

I came to Healthy Inspirations after a really stressful time where I had turned to food for comfort and wasn't feeling great about myself.

Having such great food guidelines to go by is amazing and takes the guesswork out of choosing the right foods. I love that the circuit is half an hour and I always walk away feeling great.

My Story - Millie

Millie before and after

“My objective, for personal health reasons was to lose weight and gain fitness applicable to my age - 74. I had been unsuccessful in attempts at other fitness centres until I joined the team at HI and I am very comfortable here.

The staff at HI Napier have been 
instrumental in helping me achieve my goals.  It took a while but I got there and it is to them I say a big  ‘THANK YOU’.”

My Story - Debbie

“I know Healthy Inspirations is the best place for me, I’ve been here from the start. However, I have ‘fallen off the wagon’ a few times, so know the struggles to lose it and keep it off. This time seemed especially difficult when my weight loss faulted, even when I was doing everything on-plan. On great advice from my consultant, it was suggested I cut back on dairy which I was having a lot of and, ‘Hey presto’ I was soon heading towards my goal. That sure worked for me! I can honestly say I haven’t felt or looked this good in years!

I am so grateful for the team at Healthy Inspirations, they support and encourage you the whole way. The food plan is so varied you don’t miss out on anything and the exercise circuit is fun and friendly. I couldn’t ask any more of a lifestyle plan.

Healthy Inspirations will always be a part of my life.”

As a bonus incentive offer, when you join, if at the at the end of your first four weeks, you have lost 7kgs, I will gift you weeks 5 to 9 on the programme

As a bonus incentive offer, when you join, if at the at the end of your first four weeks, you have lost 7kgs, I will gift you weeks 5 to 9 on the programme

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