August 5, 2015

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Just five beliefs might be getting in the way of the achievement of your goals. In fact, just one of them might be enough. Read on to see if your success is being hindered.

  1. It’s someone else’s fault.

There are always factors that influence our circumstances. It might be your environment, your friends, your parents, your childhood, or your workplace. The common denominator here is you. If you want success, acknowledge these factors but stop using them as an excuse. Take responsibility and make positive decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. I’m too busy.

Reality check: you have the same amount of time as everyone else, but you might not be setting your goals as a high enough priority. Those with high priorities, not matter how committed their time, find a way to make sure they give attention to their priorities.

If weight loss is a goal, it might take a little more time to plan, prepare and cook meals, but as a high priority it might mean you spend less time doing other things that don’t help.

  1. I’ve been good so I can eat…

Eating well and exercising regularly is important for weight loss, but they are not “virtuous” activities. Sure, they make you feel good in both body and mind, but you are not “good” or “bad” based on what you ate or what exercise you did/didn’t do.

If you want to reward yourself for sticking to your plans, find a non-food reward. Go to a movie, have a massage, take a day trip to the beach, sit down and read a book – whatever makes you feel happy and rewarded/

  1. I’ve tried everything and nothing works

It’s rare that people have truly tried everything, and when they have, did they stick with it? How long did they try it for? Did they follow the rules exactly? Did they combine strategies for best results? Did they expect rapid miracles in an unrealistic time-frame?

Telling yourself that nothing works makes it true. If you believe this, as soon as success starts to become apparent the mind subconsciously alters your behaviour so that you’ll be right and nothing works.

  1. I don’t deserve this

You, along with everyone else, deserve to be successful. Put in the effort, follow the guidelines of the program you choose, trust in the people trying to help you, and surprise yourself .