October 16, 2014

With only 10 weeks to go until Christmas, for many people social activities are starting to ramp up and lifestyle discipline is ramping down.

Those who feel that they need alcohol to be sociable and have fun, to eat whatever is on offer, and to forget their exercise routines because they’re too busy will find that the next 10 weeks see a year of hard work undone.

Social activities may be increasing, but if you’re one of those who forget their good habits, you may need to think about the reasons you socialise.

If your purpose for attending social activities is actually to have an excuse for making unhealthy decisions, stop reading now. You’re just going to go ahead and make these bad decisions anyway.

If your purpose for socialising is to enjoy the company of others, celebrate a great year, or just to spend an enjoyable few hours away from the pressures of work or home, read on.

You don’t need to drink to excess to have fun.

You don’t need to eat rubbish food to “get your money’s worth” or to avoid feeling you’ve missed out.

You don’t need to wake up every morning feeling so sluggish that you can’t drag yourself out of bed for your regular walk.

Instead, you can adopt some healthy socialising habits that allow you to continue your health and wellness journey right through the next 10 weeks and beyond.

  1. Drink a full bottle of water before attending the event. This way, you won’t gulp down your first few drinks due to thirst.
  2. Have a meal or snack before the event. This means that you won’t be hungry, and the appetisers, snacks, and drink accompaniments will hold much less appeal.
  3. Focus on conversations or activities away from the food table. This way, you need to make the conscious decision to walk over and get something to eat: this gives you time to make a good decision.
  4. Have your exercise gear laid out before you leave for the event. This way, you don’t have to think about it when you get home and the action prompts the subconscious to be prepared for your morning walk.
  5. Make a commitment to another person to write down everything you eat and drink, and then set a time to show that person what you did. It’s amazing how this accountability can help keep your good intentions on track.

Remember that whatever choices you make, they are a choice. Remember also that every choice has a consequence, and combined together these consequences shape your results.

If you need help with staying on track during this difficult time of the year, drop in to Healthy Inspirations and chat to a Health Coach.