August 19, 2015

Take a look at elite athletes and you see a lot of dedication, perseverance, and hard work that leads to the successes they achieve. Here’s an interesting observation from an elite athlete who is doing our program to learn how to eat well and improve her performance: “I decided to do it and so I did it.”

It’s such a simple, refreshing attitude. Do your research, decide on a plan of action, and then implement.

Too often we encounter people doing a ‘mash-up’ of programs, where they take the things they like from a number of different sources and try to merge all the different strategies. It’s a recipe for disappointing results.

Other times we hear people lamenting the fact that nothing works, or that they start something but can’t stick to it, or that diets are too hard.

With all of these problems, it may just be that the person has a wish but not the determination, self-confidence or belief to follow through with actions that make the wish a reality.

Elite athletes are rare, but they have similarities that allow them to achieve their goals. Check out these attributes and ask yourself how closely your attitude or behaviour matches up:

  • Elite athletes believe that confidence and effort leads to results
    • Do you believe that you can be successful?
  • Elite athletes determine the best strategy to get results
    • Have you determined a strategy to follow?
  • Elite athletes follow the determined strategy without question
    • Are you consistently applying that strategy?
  • Elite athletes (or their coaches) record training sessions, food diaries etc
    • Are you recording exactly what you do (with that strategy) each day?
  • Elite athletes focus on their ultimate goal
    • Is your ultimate goal at the forefront of your mind?

If you answered No to any of the questions above, and if you’re not getting the results you desire, perhaps it’s time to make some change: change in attitude, change in choices, and change in habits might just turn your wish into your reality.

If you need a little motivation, this high school football player sums it up very nicely!