December 6, 2018

Are you over it yet? It’s a busy time of year and we get straight-up tired. Tired of routine, of work, of commitments, and even of socialising. Many of us are looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation over the Christmas New Year break. Keeping weight and wellness on-track can feel near impossible.

We see it everywhere: The first of December ticks over and people are frantically “getting ready for Christmas”. They’re shopping for presents and food, attending social events and celebrations, trying to get the house reno or cleaning finished before family arrive…

There’s a lot of self-inflicted pressure, and it does nothing for peace of mind or for weight and wellness goals. While you’re not thinking about your food intake or exercise, it’s easy to fall out of routine.

Being tired or lacking in motivation is, if you allow it, a sure-fire way to lose the hard-earned progress you’ve made.

A better option is to continue with the habits and routines that carry you through the less-busy months.

  1. Go for your normal morning walk. It feels normal, starts your day on a positive note, and being outdoors in the fresh air gives your mood a lift.
  2. Get your shopping and meal prep done on Sunday afternoon. Busy weeknights make it hard to prepare good meals, so get out the slow cooker for a batch of chilli or your favourite casserole, make up a huge salad (hold the dressing), and ensure you have some cold meats, cans of tuna, or a rotisserie chicken on hand. Healthy eating is then a breeze.
  3. Sit down with your Health Coach each walk to monitor and strategise around upcoming challenges. Leaving everything to chance might work, but most find that it’s better to have a plan of action so they can enjoy the event without sabotaging their results.
  4. Go to bed and get up at the same time as usual – as much as possible. The end of year is tiring enough without trying to burn the candle at both ends.
  5. Drink plenty of water, especially if you’ve indulged in drinks of a different kind.

The peace-of-mind that comes with routine makes it easier to manage the extra commitments that this time of year brings. The bonus, of course, is that you have much less ‘damage control’ to attend to in the New Year.

For more tips and strategies, ask your Health Coach for a Christmas Survival Guide. It’s got some great Christmas Day recipes, plus a load of ideas for getting through December in one piece.