August 2, 2018

Looking at Halle Berry’s 10-minute lunchtime workout got me thinking: if it only takes 10 minutes to look as gorgeous as Ms Berry, why don’t we all take the time?

Answer: It’s hard.

Achieving results is not easy. Doing one session is easy enough, but turning up regularly and putting in the effort needed? That’s a bit harder.

So, if your motivation is variable, how can you make regular exercise easier?

  1. Have a clear goal

You may not want to look like Halle Berry, but you might want to improve muscle tone, reduce health risks, burn off some energy, or enjoy a post-exercise endorphin release. Keeping your goal in focus can make it easier to get up and get moving.

  1. Set your alarm

Good intentions for an early walk or gym session come undone if bed is warm and comfy, the air cold, or last night you got to bed a bit late. Setting your alarm not only wakes you, but also alerts you to what you had planned.

  1. Meet a friend

It’s strange how we’re fine with breaking an agreement with ourselves but are unwilling to do so with others. This is where the meet-a-friend strategy is so useful. Arrange the day, time and place, and you’ll both be there. It might be that you meet at Healthy Inspirations for a fun workout, at the end of your street for an early morning walk, or at a Parkrun marshalling area.

  1. Pay for it

No-one wants to pay for something when you can do similar for free. But take a look at Halle’s 10-minute lunchtime workout and be honest: would you really have the willpower and determination needed to push yourself through this routine 3 or 4 times per week? Thought not. Putting your hand in your pockets creates a value perception, and you’re more likely to ensure you get your money’s worth.

  1. Book a class

Having a time scheduled for your exercise can work wonders. If the class starts at 6pm, you’ll move mountains to be there on time. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a class: you might engage a personal trainer, join a sports team, or attend scheduled tai chi sessions in the park. Having the set time is the key the success of this strategy.

Now that you have some ideas for how to make regular exercise easier, which strategies will you implement? When will you get started?