About Healthy Inspirations

Susie Frillici (Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant)

Ellen Hayes (Founder)

Jamie Hayes (Founder)

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Healthy Inspirations was founded in Brisbane Australia in 2002. 

It was created to address the need of many women for an effective, personalised, affordable, supportive and lasting weight loss solution.

The company grew with the help of independent partners, owning their own business, in Australia and New Zealand.

The company operates a second brand called dietflex that it provides to health care and fitness professionals.

The key beliefs are:

  1. A weight loss program will be more effective with the addition of one-on-one coaching to add the accountability and support that enhances change. Group support is good but not as effective as one-on-one support.
  2. The higher the frequency (how often) the client meets with the coach, the more likely the client will stay on track. We choose weekly one-on-one sessions, either in person or via Zoom.
  3. The longer the client and coach continue meeting one-on-one, the more likely the client will be supported through the ups and downs of any behaviour change. Although we offer short term programs, we see the most sustainable results when clients choose a 12 month program, meeting every week with a coach.
  4. Where exercise is essential to optimise health and wellbeing, exercise (without an effective dietary change process) is not effective for weight loss.
  5. One diet does not suit every body. People need a process to help them develop the diet (eating plan) that works for their unique body.
  6. Just giving out "one size fits all" cookie-cutter information does not lead to effective results.
  7. Developing an eating plan that suits your body, your family and your lifestyle takes time. 

  8. Coaching offers guidance, support and accountability. It can be delivered in-person(in a centre) or remotely via Zoom. 

Frequently Asked Questions - click any question below to see the answer.

Is the program in-person or online?

The Healthy Inspirations program is available both in-person (if a centre is nearby) or via one-on-one weekly private video coaching sessions.


Is the company based in Australia or New Zealand?

The main franchise support office is in Brisbane Australia. There are franchisees in Australia and New Zealand, most who have been supporting members for over 10 years. When a person becomes a member (either in-centre or via online coaching) they are dealing directly with the franchisee.


How does the 6 Week Challenge work?

This is a short term membership option. All prospective members are offered both short term and longer term (typically 12 months) options.


Does the company or franchisees guarantee results?

Just as doctors, dietitians and exercise physiologists do not guarantee results, neither does Healthy Inspirations. However we do guarantee that a coach will be there for your scheduled weekly checkin session, whether you choose in-centre or online sessions. Each person's response to a dietary intervention is different and the results you will achieve are also dependent on how well you follow the program. Our program is designed to make following the program as easy and hunger-free as possible.  It is the responsibility of the member to show up for their weekly checking. If they cannot attend an in-centre checkin, the checkin can be delivered at the same time by Zoom, anywhere in the world.


How does the membership work?

Like most fitness centres the membership is paid by direct debit. This means that the weekly checkins are totally dedicated to coaching to achieve great results, and not payments. The member can choose if this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Members receive email confirmation of the membership plan they choose with all the terms and conditions clearly laid out in plain English. The membership is collected by an external 3rd part company on behalf of each franchisee. The focus of franchisee and their coaching team is member support.


Extra questions? Please contact the nearest centre of email SUPPORT @ HEALTH INSPIRATIONS . COM . AU