Healthies Online - Members' Programming

You can access our Healthies Online members' programming via any browser on any device or by using our custom app.

To access the Healthies Online portal using any browser on any computer or device, go to Use your email and the password that has been sent to you from You can easily recover your password by clicking Forgot Your Password and it will be emailed to you. 

How to download the app

Below are the App store links and instructions to download our free app for both Android and IOS devices. If you want to get the app for your mobile device (phone or tablet), do not try to download the app to your computer. You must load it directly to your device.

On your mobile device, open a browser. Then go to the Healthy Inspirations website
Then click the App link in the top menu. (That will bring you to this page.) Alternatively you can go straight to

Once you have downloaded the app (called Academy Plus) and logged in, there is no need to log out. This way you do not need to log in and remember your password every time you use the app.
Also, at the bottom of this page are instructions if you forget how to login or wish to recover your password.

Instructions for Android devices

Android Version:

On your Android device, open your browser. Click the link below.

Instructions for Apple devices

iOS Version - click:

Where to login. How to recover your password.