Healthies Online - Web & App Instructions

To access Healthies Online via computer or mobile app, your centre must register you in advance. You will then be sent login details via email from If you do not receive this one email, please check your spam or promotions folder. It's best to save this email with your password.

Please mark this email as a friendly contact just in case you need to recover your password. Although you can delete it, please do not unsubscribe as doing so will block your access to the Healthies Online platform and app.

Below are instructions for accessing Healthies Online via the web or app.

1. Web-Browser Instructions

To access the Healthies Online portal using any browser on any computer or device, go to Use your email and the password that has been sent to you from

If you did not receive the login password email from please check your spam/promotions folder. Please be aware that if you gave us a government or corporate email address, this may be blocked at a server level. In this case we suggest you provide a personal email address. (gmail, hotmail etc...) to your centre.

Always use the email you provided us as your username.

You can easily recover a password by clicking Forgot Your Password and a new password will be emailed to you, as long as you're using a personal email address.

If you have difficulty remembering your password you can change it when you first log in. Go to the Profile icon at the top right of the Healthies Online dashboard. Click the down-arrrow and choose profile. Enter a simple password (like your first name) and then click the Update Profile button. You should then be able to login using your new simple password.

2. App Instructions

Below are the App store links and instructions to download our free app for both Android and IOS devices. If you want to get the app for your mobile device (phone or tablet), do not try to download the app to your computer. You must load it directly to your device.

On your mobile device, open a browser. Then go to the Healthy Inspirations website
Then click the App link in the top menu. (That will bring you to this page.) Alternatively you can go straight to

Once you have downloaded the app (called Academy Plus) and logged in, there is no need to log out. This way you do not need to log in and remember your password every time you use the app.

To log into the app, you need 3 things:
  1. The Site domain which is healthy2020
  2. Your Username or email
  3. The password you were sent by email from
Also, at the bottom of this page are instructions if you forget how to login or wish to recover your password.

Always use the email you provided us as your username.

Instructions for Android devices

On your Android device, open your browser. Click the image above.

Or go to Google Play and search for Academyplus (one word)

Once downloaded to your device you simply complete three fields:

  1. Your username which is your email
  2. Your password which was sent to you via email from
  3. The app code which is healthy2020

Instructions for Apple devices

Where to login? How to reset your password?

You actually can't recover your password but you can easily get a new password. There are 5 quick steps:

  1. Go to our home page
  2. Click login at the top menu. That will take you to the app login page.
  3. Under to blue Sign In button click the words Forgot your password?
  4. Enter your email address (It must be the same email address you gave Healthy Inspirations.)
  5. Check your email for an email from It will give you a new (If you do not get this email within 5 minutes please check your spam/promotions tab and add this email address as a contact.)

In the event you type in your email and get a red error message (Invalid Email) please contact your centre for help and give them your current email address.

Requested New Password But Did Not Receive Password Reset email?

A common reason is that you provided us with a work email. The servers at many companies and government departments are aggressive in blocking personal or commercial email. A simple solution is to provide the centre with a personal email (eg Gmail, Hotmail, Bigpond etc).

How to search for a recipe on the app.