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The Secret to Toning Your Muscles – Counting!

If you are regularly doing our strength circuit using our strength machines, there are actually two little-known secrets to getting stronger and more toned. Muscles don’t actually get stronger and more toned while you are strength training on the Healthy Inspirations circuit. Your muscles actually get stronger and more toned AFTER you have done the […]

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75 minutes a week for 6 weeks – Really!

We’ve updated our 75 minutes a week concept from 8 weeks to 6 weeks. If you’re reading this page then it’s likely that you have made previous attempts to change something about your body, whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, change shape, tone up, improve health, or a mixture of all. Maybe you’ve started […]

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How to avoid weight loss (diet) discouragement

Have you ever started a diet or weight loss plan only to become completely discouraged? You might have been discouraged with lack of results, or discouraged by your own efforts. But maybe it was not your fault. To make matters worse, when you became discouraged, you self-medicated with feel-good starchy, sugary foods or alcohol, or […]

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Losing Weight Quickly Without Feeling Hungry [The Ultimate Cheatsheet]

This is a really attractive promise but… “Is it possible and healthy?” The airwaves are full of miracle weight loss cures with a select few, successful people being very willing to share their results on TV, even if they are only showing what they’ve achieved in the short term. And so.. we thought we’d create […]

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Do you use this little weight loss secret?

One of the guiding philosophies at Healthy Inspirations is “One diet does not suit every body.” Studies have shown that you can give two people the exact same diet under controlled laboratory conditions (no cheating) and you get different responses in weight, as well as blood sugar. And… it’s not just the individual responses to […]

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2 shocking weight loss news stories

This week we saw 2 connected shocking weight loss news stories, one from the NSW government and one from the USA. What does these stories have to do with your story? Read on… NSW – Obesity is the new normal with 1 in 5 children overweight or obese. Here’s the special story that appeared in […]

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