10 Tips for a Fresh Start to 2021

10 Tips to a Fresh Start for 2021 It’s going to be a FUN year. We are

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Bucket List Vs New Years Resolution?

The Importance of Having a Bucket List In case you haven’t heard of a bucket list, it

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Life On Hold COVID-19

Life On Hold While Waiting for a Vaccine?

We human beings are fascinating in the way we perceive risks and how we manage our way

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Corona Virus: Your Second Best Defence Is Your Metabolic Health

No doubt you are doing everything to avoid picking up or innocently spreading the virus. Read about

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Ivor Cummins & Ben Bickman

Diet boosts metabolic rate up to 300 calories a day!

Watch this ground-breaking 20 minute interview by Irish low carb researcher and engineer Ivor Cummins interviewing Dr

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Meal prep for beginners update

“Meal prep is the key to success” This is one of the secrets to being able to

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Should You Tell Friends That You Are ‘On a Diet’?

This is a really common question we get asked, and the answer is ‘maybe’. Let’s start out

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xmas weight maintenance tip

Xmas Weight Maintenance Tip

Are you worried or stressed about possible weight gain over the festive period? Maybe you’re not worried,

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Flat tummy

How to lose that belly

It’s the number one question our coaches get asked “How do I lose this?” (whilst patting their

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Meal Timing

Meal timing update

A while ago we wrote about the question of meal timing and here’s some news. It’s not

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muscle toning secrets for women

The Secret to Toning Your Muscles – Counting!

If you are regularly doing our strength circuit using our strength machines, there are actually two little-known

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75 minutes a week for 6 weeks – Really!

Renee is an inspiration! We’ve updated our 75 minutes a week concept from 8 weeks to 6

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