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Inspire New July 2012

Now that we are in the midst of winter it’s really important to eat well and stay active.  Healthy Inspirations wants to help you keep the weight down over winter.  The new 6-week Dream Jeans challenge starts on Monday 13th of August, so if you’d like some extra motivation, ask your Health Coach today how you […]

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Inspire News June 2012

Some women find that their weight loss and exercise efforts are easier to maintain when the sun is shining and getting out of bed when the alarm sounds is no effort. Cooler temperatures and a later sunrise make it easy to roll over and think “Tomorrow I’ll do it.” But results and maintenance come from […]

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Inspire News May 2012

Winter Weight Off This month sees the cold weather approaching and winter knocking on our door, but this doesn’t mean we have to slow down our progress to a healthy lifestyle.  Many areas of Australia and New Zealand have lovely weather during winter (although you may have to rug up), which means the outdoors is […]

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Diet or Exercise – what works best

This is a really great question and it is important that you understand the role that each plays in weight loss – for you to be successful. Watch future posts to get the answers. Favorite

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