Beat the Winter Blues 2022

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Meet Barbara

Lost 7kgs in Beat the Winter Blues 12 week Transformation

I have been a member since 2006, when I lost 10 kg. I ‘d kept my weight under control for many years until during the last year of COVID I gained weight.

When my jeans started getting very tight and uncomfortable and “love handles” and “muffin tops” bulged over my waist, I knew action was required. I lost 2-3 kg by myself, but when the Winter Challenge was announced I knew it was time to bite the bullet and get serious. I knew it would be tricky in the winter when all those comfort foods beckoned, but I knew I needed help.

I am feeling much better and happier now that I can feel really comfortable in my jeans and have said goodbye to the “love handles” and muffin tops”.

Jodi, Jodie and Lisa have been so positive at the weekly coaching and weight recording sessions.

They always asked how my week had been, which put the emphasis on me to be responsible for my own choices. They were always supportive by offering recipes to try, alternative menu choices to make when dining out and making sure I was prepared in advance for tricky times such as weekends away with my friends. The emphasis wasn’t just on food and weight, but also on getting enough sleep and the importance of well-being.

I have more energy, am starting to sleep better and when bushwalking, which I have always enjoyed, tackling the steep hills doesn’t seem such an effort.

We can all read about what we should or shouldn’t be eating to keep healthy, but with weekly coaching we have positive support to help us take responsibility for our own actions and be accountable each week. I’d always kept active running and walking, but at H.I. we also do strength resistance exercises, circuits, classes and yoga. It’s also a great way to make long-lasting friendships and have fun together.

My 3 top tips:

  1. Always have some protein with each meal and snacks.
  2. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit per day. Have at least one main fish meal per week.
  3. Mousse made with Protein Powder and cream satisfied my appetite when I craved something sweet

Meet Dee

Lost 8.7kgs in Beat the Winter Blues 12 week Transformation

It was a culmination of events that triggered my decision to start the Healthy Inspirations program. I use to live a healthy lifestyle and would make daily exercise and healthy eating a priority.

Over time I began to work longer hours in a mentally demanding job which ultimately began to impact on my lifestyle. With the pressure of work and long hours I began to feel overwhelmed with trying to fit everything in (exercise, meal planning and preparation) and ‘something had to give’ and unfortunately that was my exercise, meal planning and meal preparation. The weight crept on over a couple of years as well as increasingly feeling exhausted, increase in injuries and surviving on 5-6 hours sleep a night. Initially my main focus was to get back into a regular sleep routine as well as early morning exercise. I also knew I would need somewhere easily accessible and Healthy Inspirations is literally a 3 minute walk from my home, so really it was a ‘no brainer’ to join Healthy Inspirations and start their program.

I think I buried my head in the sand in regards to my weight/weight gain. I kept thinking “I’ll start to exercise more, eat healthier, get to bed earlier next week.” But of course “next week” would never come! Growing up I never really had any problems with my weight, however once I hit my mid 30’s I found I was getting more injuries from high impact exercise (so would have to stop exercising to recover), along with having hypothyroidism and experiencing a major personal loss meant the weight quickly piled on. I knew I wanted to get back into a gym for the motivation but felt intimidated by entering the bigger commercial gyms. I also knew it needed to be as close as possible to my home. The moment I stepped into the Frewville Healthy Inspirations door and being greeted by Ally’s big beautiful smile I felt welcomed and comfortable. I remember attending my first class and being amazed at how friendly everyone was. All the staff and members are so friendly and offer encouragement and notice all the small (and big) gains everyone makes. I am so grateful of the welcoming and positive environment of the Healthy Inspirations environment as it has certainly impacted on my motivation and continuing with my healthy lifestyle changes.

I am less tired and fatigued. I am back into a regular sleep routine which means I have the energy to attend the 6am classes and get my exercise done before my work day starts. It also means I have more motivation and energy to meal plan and prep. I have been making and eating the Healthy Inspiration meals/recipes in the book or within the online portal. I have found the recipes quick and easy to make as well as delicious. I have also noticed I don’t get injuries and am experiencing less knee/joint pain. Overall I feel more energised as well as fitter and stronger.

The weekly coaching has provided me with accountability but more importantly the knowledge and encouragement to keep going. It provides an opportunity to discuss meal/food options as well as talk thorough any challenges and strategies to implement for the week ahead. Writing down and recording what I plan to eat as well as what I actually eat in my diary makes you more aware of possible incidental food that you may eat and it helps to keep you on track and to remind you of your goals.

I feel more comfortable in my clothes but the main benefit I love is that I feel stronger, have more energy, more motivated and I’m less tired.

Just do it! You will be supported. It’s a non-threatening, friendly environment and you always feel welcomed and encouraged. Trust in the program and just commit to it.

My 3 top tips:

  1. Trust the program - it works. Use the recipes/meals in the book or within the online portal. They are quick and easy to make and takes the ‘guess work’ out of your meal planning and what to cook.
  2. Book into your classes as it will help you to commit to attending. The sessions are only 45 minutes, so nice and quick and your exercise is done for the day.
  3. Get adequate sleep. Work out how much sleep you need and stick to your bedtimes. For me, waking up not feeling tired meant everything else was so much easier to do.

Meet Kathryn

Lost 10.9kgs in Beat the Winter Blues 12 week Transformation

I came to Healthy Inspirations at the end of 2020 after having been a member 10 years earlier and knowing the program works!

I am approaching menopause age and was keen to lose weight prior to that time, knowing it gets harder later on to move those kilos.

I lost 5kg when I started late 2020 but then made no progress at all for a bit over a year. I was lacking motivation and the weight wasn’t coming off.

As a result, I joined the 12 week program, through some good encouragement from the 6am Frewville crew, and it was exactly what I needed. Through the program I dropped another 5.8kg and feel great. I achieved all the goals I set for myself in the program and more.

I am now only 4.5kg from my overall goal weight and am motivated to continue on.

I had done the program before and I knew it was an incredibly supportive team and no judgement on where you are in life and what you can or can’t achieve, just encouragement.

I am much fitter and stronger than I was before. I can easily complete long hikes with my husband which I struggled with previously.

I need the monitoring that comes from the weekly coaching otherwise I won’t stick to the plan. It is great to have the chat and focus on the successes.

I am sleeping better and don’t have as many mood swings. I certainly have more energy and less cravings.

Do it! It works!

My 3 top tips:

  1. I am not good at planning or food prep so after speaking with coach Ally I organised home delivered low carb meals. This works for me and takes away the need of thinking about what food I need to buy, and stops me ordering takeaway.
  2. I signed up for the 10,000 steps a day challenge in August for breast cancer, and then for 10,000 steps a day in September for STEPtember. I have a desk job and may only normally achieve 3000 steps, so this has made a big difference for me.
  3. Go to the same consistent classes so you get to know the other ladies at the Centre you attend. This kept me accountable for turning up, and they are all so encouraging which helps motivate me to keep going.