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Meet Ruth

Lost 9.6kgs, (13.99% of her body weight) and 29cms I love food and eating out is something my family and I have always enjoyed, with Chinatown and the Central Market in particular. I found that while I wasn’t really doing anything differently, I was putting on weight and not able to eat the foods and […]

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14 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories

Our mothers did it, and likely we all did it. Just about every woman carrying even a small amount of extra weight has done it. Count calories. It’s a monumental waste of effort and opportunity. At Healthy Inspirations, we focus on food, not calories. Let us explain why. Counting calories started with the simple premise […]

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Meet Lee-anne G

Lost 24kgs and 82cm I was always feeling tired and lethargic; the slightest amount of exercise left me breathless. I was always thinking that I had nothing to wear because I didn’t feel attractive in anything. I started my journey, hoping to lose a couple of kilos, so that my clothes would be better fitting. […]

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Throw out the scales

Advice to throw out the scales seems like a contradiction coming from blog all about weight loss.  Let me tell you why it’s not. Good health is about a lot more than weight loss. While it’s true that losing weight, especially around the mid-section, leads to better health outcomes, that’s only part of the story. […]

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Meet Melissa D

Lost 19 kilos and 58 cm. In 2009 I reached my heaviest weight I felt so unhappy and lacked a lot of confidence. In 2010 I lost 35 kilos and I felt amazing. After I got married in 2012, I started to gain weight again and put on 17 kilos. In 2015, I started to have […]

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