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Meet Jackie

Lost 20.4kgs (that’s 22.86% of her body weight) and 73cms I wanted to be fit and beautiful for my 70th Birthday and be able to run around after my grandchildren. I feel full of energy and feel younger than my years. The support of Nola has been the driving force when I have been struggling […]

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Meet Lisa

Lost 9.8kg Getting the job at Healthy Inspirations was somewhat of a dream come true for me. I knew I wanted to work with women and help them get their health back on track.  When I started working at HI Blackwood, I was required to go on the nutrition plan so I could experience firsthand […]

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How to avoid weight loss (diet) discouragement

Diet Discouragement

Have you ever started a diet or weight loss plan only to become completely discouraged? You might have been discouraged with lack of results, or discouraged by your own efforts. But maybe it was not your fault. To make matters worse, when you became discouraged, you self-medicated with feel-good starchy, sugary foods or alcohol, or […]

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Dealing with stress

A friend (let’s call her Cheryl) was talking about a recent birthday party she had hosted. Catering for the birthday child, parents, in-laws, vegans, and miscellaneous guests took its toll. The party ended at around midnight; finally, a chance to take a breath and relax. Cheryl’s ever-loving husband kindly poured her a glass of wine […]

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Meet Mandy K

Lost 10.5kgs and 34cm I never thought I’d be in such great shape at the age of 46. Food was something that I used to reward myself, make myself feel happy, or treat myself when I was unhappy or annoyed. My weight was something I would think about often, and being unhappy with what I […]

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Meet Ali B

Lost 11.5kgs and 42cms When times get stressful or I’m not in a good head space I’ve always taken it out on my poor old body. Too many drinks, way too much of the unhealthy food and in much bigger quantities! That starts me on a road to not looking after myself, the dieting and […]

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