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What’s the Connection Between Team Sports and Weight Loss?

Team sports are great for developing a huge range of skills that can be transferred into the weight loss journey. If you’ve ever played netball, for example, you’re probably miles ahead when it comes to losing weight.

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Throw out the scales

Advice to throw out the scales seems like a contradiction coming from blog all about weight loss.  Let me tell you why it’s not. Good health is about a lot more than weight loss. While it’s true that losing weight, especially around the mid-section, leads to better health outcomes, that’s only part of the story. […]

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Transform Your Body – just 2 visits per week

If you’re reading this page then it’s likely that you have made previous attempts to change something about your body, whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, change shape, tone up, improve health, or a mixture of all. Maybe you’ve started something new but then soon stopped, leaving you feeling like you’ve failed? Would you […]

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5 tips to make regular exercise easier

Looking at Halle Berry’s 10-minute lunchtime workout got me thinking: if it only takes 10 minutes to look as gorgeous as Ms Berry, why don’t we all take the time? Answer: It’s hard. Achieving results is not easy. Doing one session is easy enough, but turning up regularly and putting in the effort needed? That’s […]

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Exercise: what it can and what it won’t do

The prevalence of sedentary behaviour in women increases as they age, with over one third of all women engaging in no exercise1. Add to that the levels of low exercise that also increase with age, and we have more than two-thirds of all women failing to engage in adequate weekly exercise. Is it a coincidence […]

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Meet Karen C

Lost 28 kilos and 75 cm – 2017 Slimming Story of the Year I have come from walking around with a cane at age 51, and a hip replacement operation in October 2016 after suffering from arthritis for 8 years, to having the energy of a 30 year old. I have become a very regular gym […]

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Are you self-conscious about exercise?

It’s amazing the number of people who avoid exercise because of being self-conscious. It might be their weight, their lack of fitness, or distant memories from school physical education classes that prevents them from starting to move their bodies more. I read a very sad account by a woman who joined an American gym, only […]

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The best exercise for weight loss

I wish I had a dollar for every member who asked “What’s the best exercise to get rid of this?” or “What’s the best exercise to tone up this area?” Then they point to, or pat a part of their body, and the tummy is the most common body part. To answer the question I simply […]

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Does spring make you panic?

Most have spent enough years on Earth to know that spring always follows winter, so what is it about winter that makes women let down their defences and sabotage their health and wellness goals? Sure, it’s cold (and wet and windy). It’s dark in the morning and the evening starts sooner. The fireplace and a […]

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Meet Ann C

Ann before and after

Lost 10.2kgs and 24cms I first did the Healthy Inspirations Great Shape program in 2010 and lost 17 kgs. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually done it and how easy it was. Follow the program and it works. I reached my goal weight, thought I knew it all and stopped my visits. Bad decision! I […]

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