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Meal prep for beginners update

“Meal prep is the key to success” This is one of the secrets to being able to stick to your healthy eating plan. The saying “Fail to plan or plan to fail” is true when it comes to changing eating habits. Without planning, motivation and conscious thought is required to create suitable meals. This is […]

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Meal timing update

Meal Timing

A while ago we wrote about the question of meal timing and here’s some news. It’s not just what you eat but when you eat… or specifically how long you go between the last meal of the day the the first meal the next day. This is called your ‘fasting window’, being the non-feeding time […]

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How to avoid weight loss (diet) discouragement

Diet Discouragement

Have you ever started a diet or weight loss plan only to become completely discouraged? You might have been discouraged with lack of results, or discouraged by your own efforts. But maybe it was not your fault. To make matters worse, when you became discouraged, you self-medicated with feel-good starchy, sugary foods or alcohol, or […]

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Are you shopping for milk at the hardware store?

If you have a really important goal in mind, one of the hardest things to learn is that you have to stop going to the hardware store for milk. Of course, nobody goes to the hardware store for milk – they don’t even sell milk, after all – but it’s common that we do look […]

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Winter skin

Have you ever noticed how your lips get chapped and your skin gets dry in winter? It doesn’t have to be like this, yet we just accept it and get on with our lives. If we don’t just accept it, that means there must be something we can do about it, right? We used to […]

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Are you using the wrong solution for your weight?

Many people want to lose weight but, despite knowing all the things they’re doing wrong, still don’t change. What’s going on? You may not know that only around 6% of the population consistently engage in the top five health behaviours. Or that only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, or that […]

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Keystone habits – the key to consistency

You’ve started on your weight loss journey. You have the nutrition plan, the exercise intentions, and the support to make it all easy. In addition, you have the willpower to get through the tough times. Or do you? It’s easy to think of your weight loss journey as one where your ultimate success is dependent […]

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14 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories

Our mothers did it, and likely we all did it. Just about every woman carrying even a small amount of extra weight has done it. Count calories. It’s a monumental waste of effort and opportunity. At Healthy Inspirations, we focus on food, not calories. Let us explain why. Counting calories started with the simple premise […]

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Clear goals for weight loss success

Everywhere you look, there is advice on how to lose weight. Equally, everywhere you look you’ll see advertising for products that will make you gain weight. Sometimes these conflicting ideas are in the same place, so how do you filter out the things you don’t need while tuning in to those that will help you […]

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Accountability – a dirty word or your key to success?

“People loathe accountability. It’s a dirty word; the very thought of it causes eye-rolling and trepidation. And yet when we create a different perspective on accountability, it actually sets us free.” Even thinking of being accountable makes some people feel as though someone is judging them. It takes them back to a ‘student-teacher’ relationship, where […]

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