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Meet Heather

Lost 21kgs and 91.5cms I had been unhappy with my weight for some time, I had always been thin but since turning 50 I had slowly piled on the kilos. After suffering a few episodes of vertigo and the last one being just horrendous I went to my Dr to see if there was something I […]

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Meet JoAnne

Lost 13 kilos and 54 cms My weight had crept up by 10 kilos over the last 10 years. I was a size 14 and I felt unattractive to my husband of 44 years, with the beginning of a dowager’s hump, sleep apnoea, tiredness, and a muffin top. Not a good look for a reasonably […]

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Meet Josie

Lost 9.6kg and 32cm My wake up call was being prescribed Blood Pressure medication.  I suddenly felt old.  Plus I had become the largest sibling when I had always been the smallest. To top it off, I attended a yoga class with my sister and struggled to do things as my stomach was in the […]

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Meet Anne

Lost 20.6kgs and 60cms I made up my mind to do something about my weight, health and flexibility as I had 2 knee replacements and my L4&5 fused all due to arthritis. My knees started to ache again due to being overweight, and my blood pressure and sugar levels kept going up and up. I […]

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Meet Bev

Lost 21 kg and 56 cm – That’s 26.96% of her body weight Prior to my 50s I managed to maintain a healthy weight and a reasonable level of fitness.  It wasn’t until I experienced the joys of menopause that my weight increased.   I thought that putting on weight around my hips and waist […]

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Meet Janet

Lost 11 kilos and 48 cms I saw a photo of myself at my daughters wedding. I was disgusted by my appearance. Also seeing my neighbour Annie’s results, together with her encouragement, I decided to join HI Blackwood. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes over 15 years ago. The problem with diabetes is you […]

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Meet Simone

Lost 12.8kgs, (14.41% of her body weight) and 36cms I knew I had to lose weight and my doctor wanted me to try, as I had high blood pressure and wanted to avoid medication if possible.  However, I kept on putting on weight and felt my eating was becoming out of control.   It was […]

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75 minutes a week for 6 weeks – Really!


We’ve updated our 75 minutes a week concept from 8 weeks to 6 weeks. If you’re reading this page then it’s likely that you have made previous attempts to change something about your body, whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, change shape, tone up, improve health, or a mixture of all. Maybe you’ve started […]

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Meet Wendy L

Lost 12kgs and 40cm – and won the Ambassador Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards Change the way you age. If you have retired or are in the age bracket of retirees, look around at the people your age and older. How many of them have round faces due to excess weight? How […]

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Meet Rachel S

Lost 35.2kgs and 96cm I am a Scout leader who loves getting involved and doing all the kids do, too. I have always been an active person but have struggled with my weight my whole life. About 2 years ago we gathered at our Scout Den for a formal occasion; on my Scout shirt went […]

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