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Are you using the wrong solution for your weight?

Many people want to lose weight but, despite knowing all the things they’re doing wrong, still don’t change. What’s going on? You may not know that only around 6% of the population consistently engage in the top five health behaviours. Or that only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, or that […]

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Meet Bernadette

Lost 27kgs and 70cms I have struggled with being overweight since I was in high school; I became obese after having my children. I have tried various fad diets to try and lose weight, some worked for a short time but I always put the weight back on. My health prompted me to change my […]

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Meet Sue E

Lost 9.7kgs and 39cms Healthy Inspirations is the most effective weight loss programme I have used. The guidelines are clear and easy to follow. I like all the fresh vegetables and protein options, and don’t get hungry. I am not missing the high carb foods that you need to avoid for weight loss. I have […]

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Meet Lesley B

Lost 10.2kgs and 29cms I had tried to lose weight and keep it off so many times, trying everything there was, when I found Healthy Inspirations at a Home Show in Napier. I didn’t realise I could get the weight off so easily. Everyone at Healthy Inspirations have been so helpful and given me so […]

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Meet Mandy

Lost 10.5kg and 34 cm That’s 15.1% of body weight My weight loss/gain journey has been a never ending one.  I can remember I started my first “health kick” when I was twelve.  Then being on a never-ending cycle of weighing myself, some form of exercise and eating so few calories that I was not […]

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Meet Rachel S

Lost 37kgs and 107.5cm. I am a Scout leader who loves getting involved and doing all the kids do, too. I have always been an active person but have struggled with my weight my whole life. About 2 years ago we gathered at our Scout Den for a formal occasion; on my Scout shirt went […]

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Meet Dallas B

Dallas B Before and After

Lost 27.1 kilos and 89.5 cm. One of my good friends once told me, “Dallas, you will find what works for you”, and sure enough I found Healthy Inspirations. I have been on the merry go round of weight loss for over 20 years. I have tried everything, all diets, plans, you name it, I’ve also […]

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Meet Alex

Alex before and after

Lost 13.5 kilos and 36cm. I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life! I’ve been on all the weight loss programs over the last 25 years & I honestly believe that the program I’m following at Healthy Inspirations gives me the flexibility to enjoy my life & not feel like I’m on […]

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Meet Anneke

Anneke before and after

Lost 7.4kg and 28.5cms   I am so happy to have lost this weight. I tried over the last 15 years on and off to lose this extra weight but all without success.  Now, with the encouragement of the staff at Healthy Inspirations and their guidance: “It’s off!” and I want to keep it off. […]

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Meet Claire E

Claire before and after

Lost 26kg   I was desperate when I found the Healthy Inspirations advert. I have struggled with my weight and food addiction all my life. Now this programme and my coaches guiding me through this process has been invaluable and life-changing. I am happy and healthy, having to be accountable has been a key for […]

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