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Learning how to tell the full weight loss story

Be warned: This is a confronting topic. Many who struggle with their weight are actually sabotaging their success in one or more ways. The worst saboteurs are the ‘lies’ we tell ourselves, particularly as the words and thoughts appear to be true. Have you ever thought: Sabotaging thought I can’t lose weight. All my family […]

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Finding Balance

I saw a fun Facebook post this morning: a cartoon image of a woman following a balanced diet. On one arm of her armchair was a box of milk chocolates and one the other arm was a box of dark chocolates. Sure, it’s balance in one sense and if her top priority is boosting the […]

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The number 1 secret for weight loss

Kerry before and after

If you had to guess the number 1 secret for weight loss success, what would you say? Diet? Exercise? Pills? Shakes? Mindfulness? Calories-in-calories-out? If you guessed one of these, you’d be wrong. The number 1 key to weight loss success is something the Germans call sitzfleisch. Sitzfleisch is a word often used as a compliment […]

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The Magic of Winter

The cold weather has arrived and attention turns to heating, woolly jumpers, warm blankets, and hibernating at home. It’s a magic time of year and all sounds lovely until the first hint of spring, when panic sets in. “Why did I spend winter eating comfort food and doing nothing?” Comfort food doesn’t have to sabotage […]

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How healthy is your favourite juice?

If you’ve been to a shopping centre lately, you will almost certainly have noticed the queues of people at the juice stands, waiting for their healthy meal or snack to be blended and served. You’re probably also aware of the growing numbers of people concerned about sugar intake, and the push toward the introduction of […]

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Self-identity can change your results

Last year we wrote about how your self-talk can shape your self-identity and prevent change. Now, we want to look at how you can change your self-identity in subtle ways that then allow the process of change begin and continue. The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your […]

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Inspire News April 2018

Now that Easter has passed, it’s time to get back on track. What’s that? Now it’s school holidays? And then it’s Anzac Day, and perhaps Queen’s Birthday… If you allow it, the excuse list is endless. Those who get the results they want bite the bullet, not more chocolate. For those not yet starting on […]

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Inspire News March 2018

Sugar, sweet flavours, and tradition combine at Easter, making it hard for many people to resist the temptations that surround them. If losing weight or improving health are goals, then the best course of action is to avoid temptation. This doesn’t mean just saying No; rather it’s setting up your environment so that the temptation […]

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Inspire News February 2018

School is back everywhere, and even if you don’t have school-aged children, you almost certainly will have noticed the difference in traffic conditions. Once you work out the patterns, planning ahead makes it easy to avoid the worst times or routes. The same goes for meal planning: you know the days and times where family […]

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Are your snack choices sabotaging your progress?

Mums and Dads everywhere have a stock-standard response when kids claim hunger between meals: “There’s fruit in the bowl.” This is great advice for growing kids, especially when what they really want is chips, biscuits, lollies and the like, but is it great advice to apply to those wanting to lose weight? Maybe. One of […]

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