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Meet Karen C

Lost 28 kilos and 75 cm – 2017 Slimming Story of the Year I have come from walking around with a cane at age 51, and a hip replacement operation in October 2016 after suffering from arthritis for 8 years, to having the energy of a 30 year old. I have become a very regular gym […]

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Meet Pam O

Lost 7.7 kilos and 36.5cms. I was struggling to lose weight that just seemed to keep going on. Taking a good look in a full-length mirror was challenging.  My favourite clothes no longer fitted and shopping for new clothes was not a happy experience.  I was heading towards my 70th birthday, and had watched my mother […]

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Meet Marianne S

Marianne before and after

Lost 30 kilos and 100 cm. In 2015 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis which substantially impacted my mobility making it difficult to exercise without pain. This led to an upward spiral with my weight further diminishing my self-esteem. In January 2017 after I had my arthritis pain and medication under control I joined Heathy Inspirations […]

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Meet Jennifer F

Lost 16.3 kilos and 45 cm. I have been a member of H.I. for many years. My weight has fluctuated, but last year I noticed my knees were becoming sore, I was working at a job that required me to start very early in the morning, I felt permanently “jetlagged”!  So, after visiting a physiotherapist and […]

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Meet Helen N

Lost 11.6 kilos, 41.5cms and 17.18% body weight. I have struggled all my life with my weight, felt self-conscious and held back on enjoying life. I lived on Voltaren for many years to ease my very painful, degenerative lower back, to a point where I considered surgery. I grew up with food being a very important […]

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Meet Diane L

Lost 15kg I underwent an Arthroscopy on my painful arthritic knee and needed partial knee replacement on both knees and was strongly encouraged to lose weight by the surgeon. At the age of 52 I was determined to put off this surgery. I started a new role coordinating an Aged Care program and was supporting […]

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Meet Sheila R

Sheila before and after

Lost 9.4 kilos and 28.5 cm. Finding Healthy Inspirations was the best decision I have ever made, not only have I reached my goal weight but my overall health has improved so much that my digestion issues have resolved to the place where I am currently on a medication reduction plan with the aim to stop […]

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Meet Ann C

Ann before and after

Lost 10.2kgs and 24cms I first did the Healthy Inspirations Great Shape program in 2010 and lost 17 kgs. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually done it and how easy it was. Follow the program and it works. I reached my goal weight, thought I knew it all and stopped my visits. Bad decision! I […]

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Meet Lee-anne G

Lee-anne before and after

Lost 23.1kgs and 72cms   I started at Healthy Inspirations to lose weight, but within the first few weeks the health benefits began to add up as well. My aches and sore muscles have gone, so has my snoring.

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Meet Pam M

Pam before and after

Lost 25kgs and 71.5cms   For many years I struggled with my weight and getting motivated to do something about it.  Excuses were always easy to find; pregnancy, stress, holidays, celebratory occasions, entertaining both social and corporate, and always being told that you are tall so can carry more weight. My parents thought they were […]

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