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Meet Mary

Lost 20kgs and 69cm. I was feeling unhappy in myself and my health was suffering. Dr recommended a Diabetic Educator: when I rang her she was no longer consulting and referred me to Healthy Inspirations as she had lost her weight by following their program. Following the H.I. program, I was surprised how easy it […]

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Meet Sharon

Lost 42kg and 131cm. I wanted to do something for myself. I have had a weight problem all my life and it has stopped me doing heaps of things. I want to be around and not miss out on all the major events in my family’s life eg wedding, births and grandchildren. It’s my time […]

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Meet Shirley

Lost 65kg and 127cm. I was very unhappy and unhealthy which was affecting my day to day life and I was having lots of problems with my knees. I loved coming to Healthy Inspirations to weigh in each week as it made me accountable and if I was struggling my consultant was always full of […]

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Throw out the scales

Advice to throw out the scales seems like a contradiction coming from blog all about weight loss.  Let me tell you why it’s not. Good health is about a lot more than weight loss. While it’s true that losing weight, especially around the mid-section, leads to better health outcomes, that’s only part of the story. […]

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Meet Jenny G

Lost 9.3kg and 38cm. I love having the energy and confidence to get out there and live life.  I did this for me, with the support of the lovely ladies at Healthy Inspirations.  Thank you!

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Meet Emma A

Emma before and after

Lost 20 kilos and 50 cm. After years of not taking care of myself, I decided it was time to make a big lifestyle change to ensure that I would feel healthy, young and confident. My journey at Healthy Inspirations eliminated my crippling self esteem issues related to my weight and has made me feel and […]

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Meet Malsha

Malsha before and after

Lost 7.9kgs and 30cms For most part of my childhood and teenage years I have had a lot of troubles with being overweight for my age. I lacked confidence and self-esteem because I could not do a lot of the activities children my age were doing. The lack of confidence and self-esteem began to affect […]

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Meet Angela

Angela before and after

Lost 21.1kgs and 80.5cms   About February 2011 I started admitting I needed a thorough makeover of my diet and my lack of exercise (I could not exercise with the brain injury I had because it caused me to fall over for no good reason and that was for about five years). The girls at […]

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Meet Sue M

Sue before and after

Lost 50kg and 132.5cm. My weight has fluctuated over the years. I played sports in school but I was still the bigger girl. Over the years I had some bad relationships and I learnt to make fun of myself before anyone else did. There were things I wanted to do but I said no just […]

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Meet Sarah T

Sarah before and after

Lost 10.5kg and 57.5cm   I decided to join the Healthy Inspirations nutrition program after I saw my photo on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it was me and thought if I didn’t do something, I’d be even bigger in another 12 months. I was unfit, embarrassed, had very little energy and was eating too many […]

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