July 21, 2016

A slow cooker makes meal preparation so simple, and the steak is beautifully tender. Serve this with steamed vegies of your choice. Serve 4


4 turnips, chopped
1 parsnip, peeled and chopped
1 onion, chopped
4 (100g) steaks
1 tsp curry powder
to taste salt and pepper
1 Tbsp minced ginger
5 cloves garlic, unpeeled
5 cinnamon sticks


  1. Turn the slow cooker on low. Place the chopped turnip, parsnip, and onion on the bottom of the cooker.
  2. Rinse the steak under clod water and pat dry. Sprinkle steak generously with curry powder, salt and pepper. Place steak over the chopped vegies in the slow cooker.
  3. Top with ginger, garlic cloves, and cinnamon sticks.
  4. Cook on low for 6 hours.
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