Lost 15.9kg and 16.2% of her body weight

I have always been a bigger person and always the largest in my friendship group. My grandfather passed away a month before I joined, and that opened my eyes that my health is really important, and I needed to take back control of my life and my happiness.

In the past I had tried all the different types of diets, medications and was even considering surgery as nothing was working. I was always really down and out, and didn’t want to go out and socialise. As a 25 year old woman I didn’t have much of a life because I was so self-conscious and was always comparing myself to others. 

Through the Healthy Inspirations program, I have lost over 15kgs. I’m healthier, far more confident within myself and happier. 

The weekly check-ins help to keep me accountable. They help me realise the positives when I was missing fast food, sugar and all the nice naughty things I was no longer eating. It helped me realise why I shouldn’t be wanting or missing those things because I can be happy and healthy with other healthier and tastier options.

There have been lots of other benefits like my hair is shinier, my skin is clearer, and I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe! 

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Trust the process
  2. Focus on how far you have come rather than how much further you have to go.
  3. It is okay to gain weight. Weight loss is a journey not a destination