February 9, 2017

Temptation is one of those things that is easy to avoid, but occasionally pops up when your guard is down.

If you’re a fan of the daily deal-style emails that arrive in your Inbox, you’ll be bombarded with temptation. Degustation menus, 2-for-one meals, and all-you-can-eat buffets, all at low prices, seem like a great option for a night out. And they are. Unless you’re trying to lose weight.

The trick with these deals is to have a look at the conditions of the deal. Is the restaurant convenient for you to get to? Can you go when you want or are there block-out times that might suit you better? Are the courses fixed or flexible? What menu options are on offer?

It’s usually there, somewhere down below the glossy image and bargain price. Look carefully at the options you’re given. Ask yourself if the options support your goals. Ask yourself if that matters.

Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous photo or the stunning backdrop: if the food is not right for you or your weight loss goals, you’re not likely to enjoy it to the full, anyway. Perhaps you will while you’re eating it, but what about afterwards or the next day?

And if the food (and drink) options do suit your goals? Go for it. You’ll get some amazing experiences that you otherwise may not have had. You might get some ideas for cooking at home. You’ll have a night out with no cooking or cleaning up. Perhaps you’ll have a date night without the children.

It’s starting to sound tempting. There’s no reason you need to miss out on these bargains as long as you make your decisions based on facts, not temptation.