June 29, 2017

Many people claim not to have time to lose weight. Time is one of the commodities that you never seem to have enough of, yet almost every one of us wastes precious minutes (hours?) each day.

You probably have a busy life, but it’s likely that you manage to find time for old habits and for things you find important.


You prioritise your time every day.

If something has a high enough priority, it gets done. Arriving at work on time has a high priority as the consequences of regular lateness might not be desirable. Driving at the speed limit might mean that it takes a bit longer to get somewhere, but obeying the law and being safe takes a higher priority than time.

The time spent watching My Kitchen Rules might have a higher priority than the same time spent going for a walk, to the gym, or doing an online yoga class. If this is true, your results might show that choice.

Losing weight takes time. The desire to lose weight needs to be strong enough that you prioritise it over other choices and behaviours that work against losing weight.


You may need to take time to plan meals and shopping, and then time in meal preparation. With the right tools and a high enough priority, this will overcome the time-saving of stopping at the take-away on the way home from work.


You need to allocate half an hour for a couple of exercise sessions each week. The thing that most people find is that while it takes energy to exercise, it also gives them more energy for the rest of the day. Extra energy may mean that you get more done in less time, so you get double the benefit.


Losing weight is often a process that’s filled with emotion, fluctuating motivation, shifting priorities, and challenges that are hard to overcome. You take one step forward and two steps back, wasting a lot of time and effort. This is normal, and if you’ve “failed” before at losing weight, these could be the reasons why. Therefore, spending time with a weight loss coach is important.

A coach helps you build and maintain the practices that ultimately save time and propel you to achieve your weight loss goals. Your coach will have many time-saving tips and strategies that help you get the most out of your program, and to lose weight in the most time-efficient way possible.

Healthy Inspirations has a complete program that offers time-efficient weight loss. Next time you catch yourself saying something like “I don’t have time to lose weight”, give your nearest centre a call. We’ll help you turn “no time” into “now time”.