July 4, 2019

One of the guiding philosophies at Healthy Inspirations is “One diet does not suit every body.”

Studies have shown that you can give two people the exact same diet under controlled laboratory conditions (no cheating) and you get different responses in weight, as well as blood sugar.

And… it’s not just the individual responses to the whole diet but the individual responses to certain foods within the diet. This can even happen with identical twins.

And so this is one of the big reasons we provide Daily Planners to our members so they can do two things that help them succeed and lead to self-discovery of the foods that work for their body.

1. What to do in advance of each day

This is where you pre-plan exactly what you intend to eat in all meals and snacks. This way you can pre-plan your shopping so that you always have the foods that support your plan. You do not want to leave this to chance and get caught out. That’s not a plan.

Some people pre-plan their meals as soon as they wake up, some the night before and some on a weekly basis, which helps with planning your shopping.

2. What to do as you go through the day

This is where you note things that will affect the outcome, like the time you eat each meal and snack. Yes, meal timing can make a difference.

You also monitor other things like sleep quantity (the time you went to sleep and time you woke up), sleep quality, any hunger, cravings, stress and energy levels, hydration and exercise details. All these things can make a difference as well.

You can also monitor your weight each day, unless you prefer to leave this to weekly monitoring with your Health Coach. Every 4 weeks it’s also good do girth measurements, especially waist.

Using a Daily Planner is the best way for you to learn what works for your body, at your current age, in your quest to get the best weight and wellness outcome. Some people call this process “biohacking”.

Our Daily Planners also include sports psychology by encouraging you to read your pre-written Vision Statement in the morning and evening. It’s all about programming your mindset as you’re programming your body.

Many members also use the Successes and Challenges section as a mini daily journal, to note the things (weight-related or not) for which they are grateful. This is suggested by followers of Positive Psychology where you can really influence your mindset, your thoughts, and your mood by noting something about which you’re grateful. It gives you perspective.

Finally your Daily Planner is an essential coaching tool. When you have a weekly Check In with your Health Coach, they will monitor your weight as the key outcome. Then they’ll review your past week to see what worked and what didn’t work for you. One of the things this process helps identifies is your body’s individual carbohydrate tolerance, and what that means in foods and drinks that you like.

When it comes to what works and what doesn’t work for your body, we’re not the experts. You’re not the expert. Your body, and its response to your diet and lifestyle choices, is the real expert. The Daily Planner is a vital tool to help you monitor your body’s responses.

The end goal is effective and sustainable weight loss.

It’s easy to see this as “too hard” but the results definitely speak for themselves. Ultimately your Daily Planner is a great way to help you get control over your diet, your health and your wellbeing. Speak to any of the team to get set up with your Daily Planner.

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