August 31, 2017

Most have spent enough years on Earth to know that spring always follows winter, so what is it about winter that makes women let down their defences and sabotage their health and wellness goals?

Sure, it’s cold (and wet and windy). It’s dark in the morning and the evening starts sooner. The fireplace and a cup of cocoa is much more inviting than pounding the pavement. Until the sun shines.

Then, they go into a panic. Out come the razors (how did your legs fare over winter?) and they frantically try on summer clothes in the vain hope that the winter elves didn’t stitch them too tightly.


Welcome to the joyous in-between season where women everywhere happily engage in health and wellness pursuits, swearing that this time it will be different. This time they’ll make permanent change. This time they’ll develop a new, lasting lifestyle that will give them their happily ever after.

The problem is, if they’re trying to do the same thing they’ve done for the past 10 years, why would they expect a different result?

It’s time to make a change. Not because it’s spring, but because it’s important to your family and, more importantly, to yourself that health and wellbeing becomes a priority.

This year, instead of trying the same old thing – again – give your nearest Healthy Inspirations centre a call. We’ll help you develop a nutrition plan that suits your body, your family, and your lifestyle. We’ll get you started on a simple exercise program that you can build on as your fitness improves. And most importantly, we’ll give you the support you need to help you stick with it.

Make this year the last time you panic at the prospect of spring.