March 29, 2023

Holidays, special events and long weekends can all make a change to our routines and sometimes not in a good way. You can avoid weight gain by having some strategies in advance.

Our new habits play a large role in our responses and actions. If your weight and health are important to you don’t let a change in routine ruin your success habits. Chances are if you have developed some new healthy habits these will kick-in automatically even if you are on holidays.

Pre-planning is the key.

Pre-planning could be the key to having a successful Easter where you have fun, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy meals without any feelings of guilt. Combine this with activities that keep you engaged, interested and moving.

Temptation is something you want to have, or do, even though you know it’s not in your interest.

Let’s look at some common temptations and some strategies to help overcome temptation:

  • Fearful of spending too much time doing nothing – then stay away from social media.
  • Drink too much alcohol and end up sleeping badly. Firstly, rehydrate your body. Next time learn to ask for water or leave your wine glass full.
  • Over-indulge and end up skipping your daily workout will make you feel even worse. A walk after every meal adds up. 
  • It’s OK to skip a meal the day after over-eating, just keep your fluids up.
  • Learn to say No so you don’t end up eating too many chocolates or other off-plan foods. Just practice saying “No thanks. I could not fit in anything else.”
  • When eating out research the menu in advance as this will help you make healthier choices. 

Plan activities to suit family members of all ages and encourage quality time together.

Some ideas for themed activities with smaller children: boiled egg animal characters, get neighbours involved for an Easter egg hunt at the local park, make Easter bonnets and cards, cook a themed brunch using eggs like omelette, scrambled eggs or Eggs Benedict. Attend an Easter parade and wear bunny ears for a day.

Other ideas for older kids and adults: riddles, puzzles, farm visit, shop for a new family pet – bunny or chickens, visit a theme park or go to the zoo.

Help an elderly neighbour(s) with chores, supplying a meal or taking them out for the day.

Any physical activity is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family.

If you’re out of routine or away on holidays:

  • Walk or run wherever you are.
  • Take advantage of inhouse gyms where you’re staying including yoga.
  • Do some laps in the swimming pool or take an ocean swim.
  • Hire bikes and go for a family fun ride, stopping for a picnic lunch.
  • Hiking in nature is great for everyone.
  • Beach walking, sand dunes and a dip in the ocean.
  • The best way to explore a new area is on foot. Remember to pack your walking shoes.
  • Walk around the block after each meal.

Holiday checklists should make your time away relaxing and enjoyable.

Remember things like portion control, keeping your water intake up, getting good quality sleep, daily sunshine, relaxation and prioritising protein in all meals and snacks as this will keep you on-track. 

Taking just a few minutes each day to continue completing your Daily Planner could make all the difference.

Many members come back from holidays fearful of getting back on the scales, but most are pleasantly surprised that they have not gained any weight. In some circumstances they have still lost. What a bonus – a wonderful holiday and the scales heading in the right direction!!!

New dress shopping

If you’ve dropped a dress size over the summer months then why not treat yourself to a new outfit? Perhaps it’s time to focus on your success so far and reward yourself this Easter?

Focusing on time with family and friends and having some down time could take any pressure off your weight loss motivation.

Your Action Plan to relax and enjoy your holiday:

  1. Continue to use your daily Planner to pre-plan meals and activities.
  2. Have strategies in place for temptations.
  3. Commit to daily activity whether at home or away.
  4. Pre-book your post-holiday check-in before in advance.

We wish you a safe and happy Easter holiday break. Be kind to yourself, have fun, and don’t be afraid of stepping back on the scales when you return from the holiday break.