March 31, 2022

We are continually confronted with decisions about what to eat and drink, particularly when we are in social situations. Holiday times like Easter can be very challenging when the focus (due to marketing) is on chocolate as the food or “treat” to help celebrate this period.

Chocolate for some is a comfort food, and for others the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth feeling creates an emotional response. You may be familiar with the term “sweetness in mouth” where we have been conditioned to enjoy the taste of anything sweet. This can affect our body’s sensory and nervous systems as well as many hormones as we age.

While an occasional indulgence won’t prevent you from losing weight, it will certainly slow it down. If you are happy for this to happen and indulge in treats with family and friends, then it’s an informed choice you can make. Just get back on plan as soon as is possible.

Of course, if you had an allergy (say to nuts) you would not eat a slice of a cake that had nuts in it. So, you always have a choice to say yes or no.

If you find that when you do indulge, a cycle of indulgence or cravings re-establishes itself, then you may find it hard to get back on track. Just remember that foods high in sugar are highly addictive so perhaps making the choice to not have any and using the words “No thanks” is your plan of attack.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Saying no to a slice of cake does not mean “I don’t love you.”

When temptation is there, take a few deep breaths which takes away any emotional response, then ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Do I really need to have this now?
  2. Am I hungry now?
  3. What other way could I “treat” myself?
  4. Am I focused on short-term gratification or long-term gain?
  5. What am I even thinking?

It is your choice if you choose to have a treat. We just ask that you make the decision when you are thinking rationally and not on impulse.

How much extra exercise is needed to burn off an Easter “treat”? 

Here are some ideas for how much extra walking time is required to burn off a potential treat:

  • Hot cross bun 50 g                  29 g carb                      58 minutes
  • Muffin 60 g                             29.2 g carb                    59 minutes
  • Iced Coffee 350 ml                  33.6 g carb                   114 minutes
  • Affogato 140 ml                      34.3 g carb                117 minutes
  • Chocolate bunny 100g            56 g carb               152 minutes

Some Tips:

  1. Whatever you decide to do over the Easter or any holiday break, remember that your food, drink, and treats are completely your choice. 
  2. Increasing your exercise activity is a way to counterbalance the extra calories and will contribute to stabilising elevated blood glucose and insulin.
  3. Exercise time can be a great way to share time with loved ones outside in nature (away from screens and social media).
  4. Don’t confuse eating foods you are offered with showing your love.
  5. Practice saying “No thanks” without feeling guilty.
  6. If you have a treat (or two) just get back on plan as soon as possible.

Next week we’ll be sharing how to swap out high sugar (high-carb) and high calorie treats for some tasty low-carb and lower calorie treats.

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