December 5, 2013

OK… for some of us the silly season has arrived.

If you’re not already being asked to dinners and functions, people might start offering festive food to you. Don’t think for a second that this means that you’re powerless to avoid weight gain. You have the power!

Here’s 10 secrets that can help avoid any weight gain

  1. Eat to stay ahead of hunger. Stick to your Healthy Inspirations eating plan as much as you can, ensuring that you are having a meal or (plan-friendly) snack about every 3 hours. If you don’t you may arrive at a function hungry, then get offered tempting foods and you’re a “goner”! Remember that “Hunger is the enemy of weight control.”
  2. Stay well hydrated. You never want to turn up to a function thirsty. Even when you do turn up, always ask for a glass of water. You can dress it up with some ice and lemon or mint. By doing this it will seem that you’re partying along. Here’s a great life rule “Whenever someone offers me water I say yes please.”
  3. If you do drink (alcohol) give yourself a limit before you arrive. Drink water for thirst and grog for flavour. Some people complain (after the fact) that the waiters or hosts kept on filling up their glass. The best way to prevent this is to leave your glass full!
  4. Not only should you not drink and drive, but you can use the reality that you are driving to limit your alcohol or abstain completely. We’re not wowsers but you need strategies.
  5. Be aware of big fat wine glasses, where a 100 ml serve looks like a tiny drop. If you use tall thin glasses you’ll drink less. Think about asking for a spritzer which is half wine and half soda. Ask for ice as well and you’re way ahead.
  6. Be aware of food variety – it stimulates over consumption. There’s loads of research to back this up. Even when people are offered Smarties, the greater the number of colours on offer, the more people eat. The same goes for smorgasbord style eating. Aim to put your regular serving sizes on one plate and practice the “one plate rule”.
  7. Be prepared to say “no thanks” to dessert. Simply say “Thanks so much, it looks fantastic but I’m completely full.” If you must you can add “I’ve really got a delicate stomach and if I go over my fill, I’ll be up all night”. If you really must you can say “Do you think I could take some home for tomorrow as it looks so good?” – then give it away or throw it out. Better it go to waste than go to your waist! Also say “no thanks” to the gratuitous bread roll.
  8. Offer to help hand out the food. This gives you the chance to say hello to everyone and removes you of the pressure of knocking back each time something is offered to you.
  9. Invest in a case of expensive sparkling mineral water. Serve it to guests and if bringing drink, bring a bottle. Sure you can bring wine for others, but bring the mineral water for yourself. If you make a rule to always have a long glass of mineral water before you even consider a glass of wine, you’ll drink less – which saves you money. If having people for breakfast, lunch or dinner, always set the table with water glasses and big jug of water.
  10. Go for greens. Always fill up your plate with loads of greens. They’re high in nutrient density and yes, you can have second helpings of greens.

If you follow these tips, you’ll get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling great. Hopefully you’ll want to go for an early morning walk or get into the centre for a workout. And so you can attend functions and dinners, enjoy your friends and family, and avoid any “silly season” weight gain.


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