Where did Healthy Inspirations come from?

The Healthy Inspirations system was initially developed in 2002 to fill the gap between the fitness and diet industries with a fully integrated program. Since then Healthy Inspirations has stayed at the leading edge in weight loss programming with constant improvements to get the best results for members.

When did Healthy Inspirations start?

The first centre opened in Queensland in 2001. A team of technical experts, including three leading Australian dietitians advised on the program to suit local tastes and foods commonly available in all major Australian and New Zealand supermarkets.

What’s the difference between Healthy Inspirations and most commercial weight loss programs?

Healthy Inspirations delivers weight loss but includes a supervised resistance exercise program done in the centre. This helps the weight loss become sustainable. With many weight loss programs clients’s metabolism drops as they lose weight. With Healthy Inspirations, the ongoing resistance training program works to maintain and build their metabolism and prevent weight regain. The whole program is integrated and under one roof. 
We also offer one-on-one coaching online, so each centre’s coaching team can serve members right across the country.
Our goal is to help women lose weight without hunger, learn how to sustain their weight loss

What’s unique about the Healthy Inspirations approach to weight loss?

Healthy Inspirations is the only commercial weight loss program based upon individual carbohydrate tolerance. The systemised step-by-step coaching process helps each member learn their body’s individual carbohydrate tolerance and what that means in portion sizes of healthy fresh foods that they and their families like. This way they lose weight WITHOUT hunger and learn how to maintain their weight loss in a healthy sustainable way.

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Weight loss coaching program
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The only weight loss program that helps each member discover their body's individual carbohydrate tolerance, so they lose weight more easily without hunger. It is supported by weekly one-on-one coaching, either in the centre or via Zoom.