March 28, 2019

There’s a common belief that if you lose weight quickly, you’ll regain it quickly. There’s definitely some truth to this idea, but not for the reasons you might think.

To lose weight, people tend to typically try to eat less and to exercise more. Perhaps they count calories and track their exercise output. They’re hungry, tired, cranky, and frustrated. They feel deprived. It’s no wonder that if they lose weight, they can’t keep it off. It’s simply too hard to keep on punishing themselves in this way.

Sometimes the weight loss strategy is to just eat salads. Lovely salad vegies are a great addition to any eating pattern, but if that’s all that’s eaten, hunger will ensue. In addition, the lack of protein is likely to lead to loss of muscle, and so once the diet inevitably finishes, the resting metabolic rate is lower and weight gain is easy.

Meal replacements seem like a great idea, and while they can help with weight loss, most people really want to eat real food. Once the food is reintroduced, the weight comes back on.

The common theme through these weight loss-regain situations is that people can’t stick with what helped them lose weight. They can’t make it a permanent part of their life. This is the key.

The body you currently have is the result of everything you’ve done – or haven’t done. Imagine changing things so that you lose weight, and then going back to ‘normal’. It’s pretty obvious that your body will go back to normal.

Instead of looking for a quick-fix or a magic cure, look at the choices, habits, and behaviours that have led you to where you are now. If you’re not willing to change these permanently, any weight you lose will be temporary.

If you are willing to change, permanent weight loss is possible. Will it be easy? Some days. Other days it will be hard. Knowing this, it seems silly to rely on willpower. On the easy days, you’ll have abundant willpower and you’ll cruise through your day. Other days, though, are the days where you’ll want to – or will – give up.

So how do you make long-lasting change if willpower is not enough? You get help.

Combining a nutrition plan with exercise and holding it all together with one-on-one support will help you stick with a program for the time it takes to break free of old choices, behaviours, and habits that have held you back. The longer you can stick with new choices, the longer you’ll keep the weight off.

Losing weight quickly and permanently is possible if it’s done the right way. Let us help you make your dreams a reality.