April 18, 2024

To drop a jeans size typically requires releasing 5 to 7 kilos of fat which slims your tummy, waist and hips.

How do you think that would make you look and feel?

By releasing just 5 kilos of body fat you could enjoy some incredible health outcomes as well which may include:

  • joints feeling better
  • reduced risk of some cancers, especially breast cancer by 12%
  • your doctor stopping or reducing medications
  • better control of blood sugar 
  • lower LDL cholesterol
  • lower heart disease risk
  • better sleep and mood
  • reduced inflammation

Most people think that losing weight is difficult. If you are open to adopting some changes and using these tips to help with new healthy habits, then that’s a great start.

We also like to think that long term weight and health management is possible with new healthy habits that work for you during and after weight loss.

Studies suggest that over 80% of weight loss comes from changes to what you eat and drink, not increases in exercise.

The top 8 tips in relation to food and drink are:

  • Ensure your fridge is stocked with protein: meat, fish, eggs and high protein cheese and high protein yoghurt, low carb vegetables (think mainly green with some red and yellow, and those veggies grown above the ground) and low sugar fruits (fresh or frozen).
  • Prioritise protein in all meals and snacks – no exceptions!!!
  • Measure portions of good fats – avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, butter, nuts and seeds.
  • Make sure you have salt, herbs and spices in your pantry to ensure flavour and variety in your meals. Choose fresh from the markets or grow your own.
  • Say No to highly processed foods. Clean out your cupboards of any “temptation” foods that are not on-plan. These would include highly processed foods like biscuits, cakes, cereals and vegetable oils, and high carb foods like rice and pasta. The only exception is quality low-carb protein powder.
  • Keep well hydrated. Each day aim to have 8 glasses of water or calorie-free fluids like black tea or coffee (cream permitted), plain mineral and soda water, clear soup or bone broth.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. Menu plan for the week and write out your shopping list. Only buy what’s on your list and never go shopping feeling hungry.
  • After shopping – choose a time to meal-prep for the week or at least 2-3 days. Set aside 2+ hours which will save you many hours and reduce meal frustration, decision fatigue and save on food waste. Always double cook protein at night so you have cold cuts the next day.

Regular exercise or activity is necessary for your overall health. Work your muscles daily. Ensure 2-3 resistance workouts over the week such as doing planks, push ups and squats, circuits or strength classes. Brisk walking, stair climbing, cycling, tennis, swimming all help – do whatever you enjoy doing. 

Daily exposure to sunlight will help with mood, sleep, and general well-being. Schedule at least one daily walk into each day, getting a coffee, doing errands, walk and talk with a friend, walking kids to school or around the block after each meal. If you work behind a screen short outside breaks (2-10 mins) are good for your eye health as well.

These 7 fun facts can also contribute to feeling FAB in your favourite jeans again.

  • Eating with your non-dominant hand will disrupt your eating thought patterns and make you more mindful when you eat.
  • Yoga and meditation will help reduce the stress hormone cortisol to help burn more fat.
  • Prioritise protein in all meals and snacks. It gets you fuller faster and keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Low fat versions of food often contain more sugar (and calories) that high fat versions.
  • Morning exercise reduces your appetite for the day.
  • Have the environment cooler rather than warmer and the body works harder to maintain body temperature.
  • Alcohol blocks fat burning. Most would not consider this a fun fact!!!!

If you would like to look and feel great in your favourite jeans by taking action these tips will help you.

Our coaches can help make your journey easier and more fun and help losing weight feel like a game. With smart food planning you’ll never be hungry.

Many people say, “I know what to do.” But this does not mean that they have the correct information, the commitment and the accountability to carry through to actually make a change to their weight, size and health. That’s where making a commitment to a proven program that provides one-on-one accountability is often the one thing that leads to change. 

Reach out if you would like help to get back into your favourite jeans. Fill out the form or quiz below.