This is a private page for Healthy Inspirations franchisees only. Do not share with anyone. This may be a temporary page to communicate some basic knowledge in regard to creating paid ads on Facebook.

This page is DYNAMIC, in that it will be updated as you ask questions. Eventually it will disappear and ​reappear on The HEART.

This page is NOT about posting on Facebook. That is free, except for your time. That is an important ​part of your marketing, building your engagement with your audience and growing your audience, via shares and searches. More on that later.

In addition to this page, Facebook provide a large range of free mini-courses for advertisers. They are very clear and we encourage you to access them.​

Marketing Budget

It's a good idea for all business owners to have an annual or monthly marketing budget. Whether that is $100 per month or $1,500 per month, the challenge is to maximise sales from that investment. This comes from testing and measuring. More on that later.

How to Measure

Franchisees should seek to monitor and record the source of all contacts from all sources offline and online, so that you know what works and what does not. With a phone enquiry we ask "How did you find out about us?" With a walk-in we ask the same. This should be recorded on the lead sheet in the centre diary to give the franchisee a guide to what is working and what is not. This must be recorded whether they book an appointment or not, or whether they join or not.

With Facebook advert​ising you can find out prior to actually speaking to them, that the lead came from your Facebook ad. So you should record this in your diary.

There are 2 primary types of Facebook ads:

  1. Lead ads. This is where the CTA (Call To Action) on your Facebook ad leads them to a form within Facebook. See tutorial HERE.  The advantage is that it is very mobile friendly and keeps them within Facebook. They don't have to exit to their browser, especially when most responses will be on a mobile device. This means that optin rates may be higher. You can modify the Facebook form to add items like phone number, even a mini survey. The disadvantage is that you have to manually download leads daily. As we know, there's a direct relationship between the time it takes for you (or your staff) to be in contact with a new prospect and conversion and the likelihood that they will join. Speed counts! The quicker you or your team get in contact the more likely they are to join your centre and get started on their program.
  2. Links to a landing page. Each centre's microsite is a Landing Page with multiple optin opportunities. Most have an offer of 5 Days Free. And so it makes sense for your Facebook ad to have that same offer, if directing them from your Facebook ad. Hopefully you have tested the optins on your microsite (as requested) and every enquiry's details go to the centre email inbox within minutes. Some franchisees also have their centre email on their mobile devices so that they can contact enquiries when the centre is not open. Many franchisees are getting leads and making sales through their microsites.

What about Boosted Posts - Aren't these paid ads?

This is the least effective way to advertise on Facebook and probably a waste of time and money. There's lots of discussion about this, like HERE>>​

Facebook gives you 2 ways to create ads. You can learn more HERE>>>

  1. Ads manager - we suggest using this as it is simpler
  2. Power Editor​

Create a Facebook Business Manager account first. Click HERE to read more.

If you have not already done so, you should ensure that you download your Facebook Pixel code and send it to Robyn so that it get's placed on your centre's microsite. This will help your advertising efforts

Creating any Faceboook ad starts with Objective and Audience

Create a Custom Audience

  1. Marketing Objective: If unsure choose Lead Generation. It will ask you to name your campaign. Its a good idea to create a campaign name that you understand. Then it will ask you to select your Facebook page.
  2. Audience - Create New or Choose an Existing Audience. To start, select Create New. Under "Custom Audiences" you'll see a blue dropdown also called "Create New" and choose the first option "Custom Audience" (Reach people who have already interacted with your business.) This will bring up a screen like the one on the left. Choose the last option "Engagement on Facebook".
    • It is possible to do many other audiences and we'll address this in the future. In the mean time you're going to get the best response from those who are already engaged with your Facebook page. That explains why we encourage you to build engagement and likes on your Facebook page by delivering value (hints, tips, recipes, inspiring stories, questions etc..) that is relevant to your target audience.

    Facebook will now show you a new screen asking "What kind of engagement do you want to use to create this audience?" Choose Page. Then simply choose your centre's Facebook page. This selection creates a list of people who have interacted with your centre's page on Facebook. Then include everyone who engaged with your page in the last 365 days, and then give your audience a name like "FB Likes Jan 2017"

    The next steps will be...

    Placements - choose Automatic for now

    Budget and Schedule - choose $6 a day for a few days

    Advert Set Name​ - give it a name you know what it is about

    This will bring you to the next page which is about that actual ad. See if you can launch it!

    Now... if you got ​this far, or if you didn't, please send Robyn any questions and CC Jamie. We also want to know about your frustrations, your losses and your wins.

    Have you noticed something about how Facebook works in a reverse order to the way you (we) have been working. Let's compare....

    This is the typical order for doing some marketing within Healthy Inspirations.​

    1. HIF - Theme
    2. HIF - Image
    3. HIF - Headline and text
    4. HIF - Call to action & offer - you can edit
    5. You - Budget, how much you'll invest per day
    6. You - Media Planning - desktop, mobile or Instagram
    7. You - Who you are targeting
    8. You - What's your campaign objective?

    Facebook does all this but in reverse order. Facebook starts by asking what is your objective of this campaign and exactly who is the target audience of this campaign.

    More on Budget...

    How much can you, or should you invest in marketing, let alone in Facebook advertising? ​

    Before you answer this, try to estimate the financial value (in membership fees and profit from product purchases) from your average member. You could look at the average length of a membership upon cancellation or simply look at the fees and product profit (around 33% of purchases) for a member in their first 12 weeks. Let's say it's $420. How much would you be willing to invest in advertising to get one extra per week?​ $90 pw? $60 pw? $30 pw?

    Let's go with the lowest number of $30 pw or $6 a day over 5 days per week. Then ask "What would success look like?"

    What if you could get 3 optins. You called them and got 2 appointments. You made 1 sale. Would you ever stop?

    But as much as that might be nice, it might take some learning, some testing and measuring, some frustration, some "calls for help" to get to that number.​

    Testing and Measuring

    As soon as you can, you'll want to create duplicate Facebook campaigns where you change just one element and then compare the results. You might change the headline, the text, the image, the offer or the call to action - but only one at a time. You might test desktop placement in one campaign and run the exact same ​ad with mobile placement.