August 7, 2013

If you’re reading this and you’re not at the weight you feel you should be, it’s possible that you have some feelings of guilt now and then.


Guilt is NOT a helpful emotion. It rarely helps you move forward.

You might have said to yourself “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked”. You may have been in the middle of trying to lose some weight and simply fell off the wagon. Both might have left you feeling guilty.

OK… here’s the helpful news.

Most people who say they’ve “tried everything” have not tried a process that recognises that every human body is different. What seems to work for others may not work for you. And so, they actually have never tried the right thing for their body. Your friend goes on some diet and loses weight. You try the same diet and you don’t, or you feel lousy. What gives?

We’re all different!

At Healthy Inspirations, we believe it takes at least 12 weeks of a carefully-implemented process to help your body teach you what works best for your body.

This is not something you “try”. It’s something that you commit to and “do”.

Here’s a fun little test. Look for a pen on your desk and then try to pick it up. Stop reading and do this now.

What happened? Did you pick it up? That’s not what we asked you to do. We said “Try to pick it up”. You probably just did it – you picked it up. You didn’t go through a process of ‘trying’. You already knew how to do it and so you just did it without trying.

We believe that most people have incorrect beliefs about what they should be doing to lose weight. These beliefs can be summarised in the words “Just eat less and exercise more” but this simplistic advice simply does NOT work for every (human) body.

And so, if you’d like to let go of any guilt and just “do it”, drop into your nearest centre and say “OK, I’ll do the program for 12 weeks. Tell me what it costs and tell me EXACTLY what to do.”

In 12 weeks it will be the Wed 30th October 2013.  We look forward to seeing and hearing the stories of those people who made a decision to “just do it”, and writing about them on that date.

Do it now. Just the steps of deciding and taking action makes you feel better (not guilty).

P.S. If you walked outside and discovered you had a massive unrepairable puncture in one (or more) of your car
tyres, you’d probably have no choice but to change the tyre and pay to get a new tyre fitted straight away. Make looking after yourself now a higher priority.