“This has never been a ‘job’ for me but a part of my lifestyle, and over 10 years later I still love being a part of Healthy Inspirations.

What is so special about it is that my team and I have helped thousands of women make a positive healthy change in their health and wellbeing with a program that is easy and well-supported.”

Nola Bellenger – Prospect, SA

“It’s great that the programme is reviewed often. New nutritional information means we are kept up to date with new/old food issues and therefore have a greater understanding on how the programme can be flexible but still work well.

I like that we can go to Support Office for guidance and help with anything from business to member concerns without having to make an appointment.

I personally get a lot of satisfaction seeing our members lose weight and get fitter as they take their journey with Healthy Inspirations.”

Wendy Forman – Napier, NZ

“What I like about the business of Healthy Inspirations is when the members follow the program with the support of the fully-trained staff, they get amazing results. This, in turn, drives member referrals, one of the best low cost sources for new members.

A week won’t go past when I’m not stopped in the street by a member who has not just got results but who has turned their whole life around and are now helping their family members lose weight.

The strategies and systems that head office provides are awesome; they provide simple tools which when broken down to monthly and daily action plans make the centre successful.”

Gavin Marshall – Lower Hutt, NZ

"Opening a Healthy Inspirations has been a great move for me. It enabled me to own my own business and have a business that aligned with my passions. The difference we make in women’s bodies and lives is amazing.

I’ve now relocated to a new site. I really like how the business can fit my lifestyle.

The support from the head office keeps getting better all the time."

Jodi Kappler - Blackwood, SA

“Such a unique and wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference to someone’s life!

Our point of difference is our face-to-face health coaching and a program that really works!”

Nola Cirocco – Frewville, SA

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