March 30, 2017

Slow results are sometimes the most frustrating part of anyone’s weight loss journey. We start with high hopes of achieving our ‘ideal’ weight in no time, only to find that within weeks (days?) we’re disappointed. While outstanding weight loss results are promoted, many people achieve slow results. What causes the difference?

With any program, some people will struggle to be compliant, some will do everything required but have slow results, and others will do everything right and have spectacular results.Those who struggle form the largest group. Changing behaviour is hard, and the key is to find ways to make it all easier.

1.   Identify why change is important.

This is not as simple as “I want to weigh 70kg”. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to weigh 70kg?
  • Why that number?
  • What for?
  • How will my health and wellness improve through the journey to 70kg?

Set your goal clearly and focus on the reasons why you want to achieve it.

2.   Ensure you have clear instructions.

  • Is the program advice clear?
  • Do I understand what I need to do?
  • Is there a person available to answer my questions?
  • Is this person available as a support person throughout my weight loss journey?

Clarity is the key, with guidelines so simple that there is no doubt about what you need to do.

3.   Assess your confidence.

  • Do I feel confident that the changes I need to make are possible?
  • Is the program one I can follow?
  • Can I follow it for the rest of my life?
  • How could I make the changes easier?

Not everyone can manage massive change, so if confidence is lacking, look at one small change that you do feel confident making. It might be as simple as ensuring you eat some vegetables at each meal. What's important for most people is that they have a good coach to assist them in making change: making suggestions born of experience and expertise along the way.

4.   Gradually increase the changes.

As one change becomes so easy that you no longer think about it, add another small change that you can confidently introduce. Keep doing the first thing, but now add a second. Then keep doing the first two and add a third. And so on.

If you're achieving slow results, don’t despair. Time will pass whatever you decide to do, so taking it slow and easy – and building confidence throughout – is in some ways more valuable than trying to do it all at once. Even if you're averaging a weekly loss as little as 100g, that would mean over 5kg in a year. It sounds like a small amount, but ask yourself "What will happen in the next 12 months if I don't do anything?"