This is the concept where a gym or leisure centre installs a Healthy Inspirations centre within their premises.

Store Within Store

This concept was made popular with large retail stores (David Jones, Myer etc) that would have fully branded and staffed “stores within stores”. They operate as seperate business units within the main store. The advantage for the host store is that it gives them the ability to attract and serve various market segments.

Despite the gym’s efforts to appeal to overweight people and to provide programming to suit, the gym will not maximise the numbers they could attract until they provide a separate semi-private facility. It’s all about maximising the comfort level of each person in their journey and catering to the notion “This is for people like me.” If the gym can attract more overweight and obese members, and help them lose weight, many will be pre-disposed to taking greater advantages of the centre’s various fitness programs.

There are already two Healthy Inspirations centres located within fitness centres; one is in NSW and one in NZ.  They get all the advantages of having a Healthy Inspirations business, but utilising space and sharing facilities and administration services within their centre.

Two Exercise Options

Every fitness centre is different.

  1. Some will have the space and budget to create a complete Healthy Inspirations centre (coaching and women’s only exercise) within the centre.
  2. Some will only have space for the private coaching and gently introduce the Healthy Inspirations program participants into the centre’s various exercise modalities, when the participant is ready. Some will embrace this from the start. Others will want to lose quite a bit of weight first.

Store Outside Store

There’s an increasing trend that’s also called multi-brand single-territory franchising. This is where a gym (franchised or not) owner who has good local knowledge (property, media etc…) and local contacts (including employees), opens a franchise that serves a different segment of the market. It means that they can own and control their own competition. This goes a long way to protecting their main business from outside competition. They can then cross-promote each business.

Territory Protection

With either option, Store Within Store or Store Outside Store, the franchisee gets a defined territory with all the marketplace protections that offers them.

Remote Store – Satellites

Some franchisees operate Satellite Locations inside and outside their territories. Typically these operate one day per week at a location that’s in a nearby town. The franchisee might rent space in a medical centre on a casual basis, seeing up to 4 members per hour. (Please be aware that there are specific conditions that require franchisor agreement when operating outside your territory, .)

Remote Coaching – Online

Although face-to-face coaching is the best option, online coaching using applications like Skype can be very effective and generate additional membership revenue.