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Meet Alli

Lost 21.5kgs and 21.67% of her body weight

I started at Healthy Inspirations as I was feeling unfit, flat and had no energy. I was tired and didn’t feel like my usual self, plus I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore. It was coming into Christmas I didn’t want to put on any more weight and reach triple figures. I’ve been able to get away with putting on weight over the years, as I am tall, and it can go unnoticed.

I’ve been a member of Healthies in the past and know that it works, as long as I am being consistent with the program and have the weekly nutrition check-ins. These keep me honest, accountable and on track, and I absolutely wouldn’t have succeeded without them. It’s so great to have the help, advice and support from the entire team each week.

Now I feel so much lighter and it’s simply easier to move and exercise. I have much more energy and overall feel so much better. I have donated all my old clothes and fit into old favourites like my skinny jeans and tighter tops. My daughter had her 30th recently and I felt amazing in my dress (pictured) and received lots of positive comments from friends and family.

For anyone looking at starting I would say just do it. It’s so simple to follow and the support and advice is fantastic. Take a leap of faith.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Just get started. Take the first steps, you won’t look back.
  2. Follow the program with your individual preferences. As it is based on everyday supermarket food it is easy to work your favourite on plan foods into your meals.
  3. Keep up the weekly nutrition check-ins. Being accountable to someone else is important to your success, plus you receive on-going support and encouragement at the same time.

Meet Amy

Lost 15.9kgs and 16.20% of her body weight

I have always been a bigger person and always the largest in my friendship group. My grandfather passed away a month before I joined, and that opened my eyes that my health is really important, and I needed to take back control of my life and my happiness.

In the past I had tried all the different types of diets, medications and was even considering surgery as nothing was working. I was always really down and out, and didn't want to go out and socialise. As a 25 year old woman I didn't have much of a life because I was so self-conscious and was always comparing myself to others.

Through the Healthy Inspirations program, I have lost over 15kgs. I’m healthier, far more confident within myself and happier.

The weekly check-ins help to keep me accountable. They help me realise the positives when I was missing fast food, sugar and all the nice naughty things I was no longer eating. It helped me realise why I shouldn't be wanting or missing those things because I can be happy and healthy with other healthier and tastier options.

There have been lots of other benefits like my hair is shinier, my skin is clearer, and I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

My Top 3 Tips:

  1. Trust the process
  2. Focus on how far you have come rather than how much further you have to go.
  3. It is okay to gain weight. Weight loss is a journey not a destination.

Meet Belinda

Lost 15.7kgs and 11.9% of her body weight

I’m only 43 with a young son and my knees constantly hurt if I stand for too long. I can’t do all the things I want to do with my family, and it is also affecting my work.

I’ve tried so many other diets, have joined gyms and I’ve also had lap band surgery. I just couldn’t stick to anything long term. When I started I was concerned I’d be spending all this money and may risk quitting, but since I’ve joined (9 months ago) I have not once considered giving up.

My son asked me when my ‘diet’ will be finished. I’ve surprised myself when I answered it’s not a diet, it’s my new life. My clothes are all too loose and when I try on new clothes, I must try smaller sizes. I have no idea what my current clothing size is! My rings need resizing as they slip off (which I never even considered) plus my knees are so much better. I have so much more willingness now to go out with my family, do all the fun things and not stay home and miss out.

I believe the reason I have stuck to the program and haven’t even considered giving up is the weekly one on one coaching, accountability and support. The entire team at Healthy Inspirations is so helpful and understanding with so many ideas. If you don’t have a great week, they support me to keep going and not dwell on the negatives. The other members are also so helpful and give me the support and inspiration I need to keep going.

Now I’m happier, move more, I get some ME time to exercise, and I’ve learnt how to eat healthy, even when I’m dining out. I’ve still got a way to go and more to learn, but I’m so much happier. Another bonus is I seem to be avoiding sicknesses around me, which I put down to being healthier inside and out and looking after myself.

For anyone looking at starting it’s not that hard, just maintain a strong mindset to stick to the plan. I’ve seen evidence of so many successes at the centre and I’m really enjoying my successes so far too. Everyone is helpful and super friendly, and I wish I’d joined sooner instead of procrastinating.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Just stick to the plan, plus weigh and measure your food for portion control
  2. Learn its ok to say no thankyou and take your own food to ensure you are not tempted
  3. Be accountable. Share with people who may guide you offtrack that you are trying to change and ask them to help you by not tempting you with poor food choices

Meet Cate

Lost 11.5kgs and 15.25% of her body weight

Having been slim & healthy most of my life I felt I had not quite been the same since having two beautiful children and I wanted to do something for myself. As I had never had to do anything to lose weight in the past, I was a bit scared about what it would entail and didn't know what to expect. However, once I committed to Healthies it all became so easy! Easy to follow, understand and be supported. The coaches gave me empathy and understanding with lots of healthy hints along the way.

This program made such a difference, not just in my life but for my husband also as he followed along at home, and we also became a healthy example for our children as well. I eat healthier, my husband eats healthier and therefore our children eat healthier which is a win win for all the family. Plus, I fit into all my size ten clothes so much better and have even moved to a smaller notch on my belt!

I can't stress enough the value of being held accountable by attending the weekly one on one coaching sessions on the program. This made such a difference in keeping me on track and feeling supported throughout my journey. I now have an ongoing understanding of what my body can tolerate and what I need to do to maintain my weight and stay healthy.

For anyone wanting to start at Healthies I would encourage you to do so. It is a safe, friendly and supportive way to learn about your body, reach your goal weight, improve your fitness and strength. Plus, you will meet some awesome ladies along the way who continue to inspire & support each other.

My Top 3 Tips

  1. If you can’t go without your coffee just have a single shot with cream instead of milk. I still enjoy this every morning.
  2. Be prepared and have your snacks on hand, plus cook & freeze some meals to stay ahead.
  3. Take your family along for the ride – it’s a hoot and good for everyone.

Meet Catherine

Lost 12.8kgs and 17.97% of her body weight

I'd always maintained a fairly steady weight for most of my adult life until suddenly in my 40s the kilos started to creep on. I tried lots of different diets and exercise regimes, but nothing really worked. One day I got on the scales and found that I was 10kgs over where I wanted to be. I remember standing in front of the wardrobe and realising that I had nothing that fitted me properly and that I didn't feel good in any of my clothes. That was my tipping point. I decided I needed help to do something about it.

Initially I was reluctant to commit to a full 12 months on the program because I didn't trust myself to stick with it - and here I am 2 years later still going to Healthies 3 times a week and loving it - and I've maintained my desired weight. I got my waist back and dropped a dress size. I was very excited to fit into a new pair of skinny, size 10 jeans - and I looked good! I always have a body composition every month and my muscle mass has increased.

As a result of following the program I almost straight away started to feel better. Within 2 weeks of beginning the program I was sleeping better (a miracle as I'd struggled with sleep for years), I had more energy and just felt happier.

I think the number one reason that this program has worked for me is the amazing support from the team and the weekly check-ins (knowing I have to get on the scales regularly has kept me on track). The help the coaches gave me in changing my thinking around food was crucial to my success. They are very knowledgeable and gave me great options and "real world" advice. I found the recipes and food ideas workable with a family - all easily sourced and made. For someone who struggled with "what will we have for dinner tonight" access to all the recipes and meal ideas has been brilliant. Establishing a "buffer" for my weight has also been very important. Now that I have achieved my goal weight the buffer stops the weight from creeping back up (I know that if I'm close to or slightly over my buffer I can bring it back within range quickly) but equally importantly it gives me permission to be happy with where I am within that range.

There has been lots of other benefits to the program. I am now more organised with my weekly food shop. I'd never done a weekly meal plan, but I do now, and it's been a revelation with less shopping and less stress. I'm in better shape now than I have been for 20 years which is an amazing feeling and have loads more energy to get out and enjoy my life. Overall, I am happier and calmer and much more able to cope with the ups and downs of life.

For those looking at getting started I would say, if you are determined and stick to it this program will work. And it’s not difficult, it's real food (I was never hungry) and you will feel so much better. The centre is a welcoming and a happy place, the camaraderie with the other ladies is a big part of what makes Healthies so special. Go in and talk to one of the coaches - it will change your life for the better.

My Top 3 Tips

  1. Preparation - food preparation and meal planning were crucial to my success.
  2. Try to be mindful of how you are feeling, some weeks the weight won't always do what you expect it to but if you think about how well you are sleeping, how much more energy you have, or how good your skin looks with the extra water you're drinking it will help you stay motivated.
  3. Be determined and disciplined. Try to make yourself a priority.

Meet Cheryl

Lost 12.4kgs and 13.58% of her body weight

I was gradually putting on weight over the years and it was an aha moment when the scales tipped over 90kgs. I was worried about my health as I had high blood pressure and I knew that losing weight would help reduce this. Shopping for clothes that I liked was getting hard and everyday activities like driving the car was uncomfortable. I also had a milestone birthday approaching and I wanted to look and feel great for that. I found that I had started to hate seeing photos of myself and was always that person hiding in the back.

To be honest, I was scared starting something new and whether I could achieve my goal, but I feel so comfortable at Healthies. The team and members are amazing and super friendly, and I feel surrounded by like-minded women. I don’t feel out of place, and that I am part of a community.

Even though this was a challenge I don’t feel like I have missed out on anything as I have gained so much more! I’m really proud I have done something just for myself and am healthier, fitter, have more energy, not as tired or lethargic and have increased my self-confidence. I used to be I a round shape and now I’m an inverted triangle.

A real key to my success was the weekly 1 on 1 nutrition check-ins, of which I only have missed one in the last 12 months! I really look forward to them every week and was amazed that I was eating so much food and still losing weight! People are shocked I now eat 5 times a day (3 meals plus 2 snacks), but I never feel hungry now. My favourite snacks are the Proti shakes as I find them easy to prepare and they keep me going throughout the day. There has been so much to learn from the Health Coaches from planning, helping make better food/drink choices and new recipe ideas to try. Most of all I like the support and accountability to help me reach my goal.

I am the lightest I have been in over 20 years and used to wear larger clothes to hide how I looked. But now I feel so much better getting dressed and going out. Shopping for clothes is great as I can walk confidently into any dress shop and am able to buy something beautiful off the rack. Shopping for ‘real jeans’ was also a goal for me, as everything I owed used to have an elastic waist and now I actually have a pair in a size 9!

For those thinking of starting if you are not feeling comfortable in your own body or clothes give Healthy Inspirations a go ….. what have you got to lose other than lots of kilos.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Don’t miss your weekly nutrition check-ins to keep on track and motivated.
  2. Write in the planner (food diary) to help plan meals. I found writing in it throughout the day worked best for.
  3. Keep your kitchen scales on the bench to weigh and measure food portions easily.

Meet Deb

Lost 14kgs, 19.5% of her body weight and kept off for 2 years

The event that triggered my decision to start the program at Healthy Inspirations was not being able to find a dress that made me look and feel good for a Melbourne Cup lunch. I must have tried on about thirty dresses that looked hideous on me.

Initially I was concerned that I would not stick to the program, but determination and getting results encouraged me to continue, plus the weekly one on one nutrition check-in made me accountable as well which was so important. For me losing the weight was the easy part, and now the weekly coaching continues to keep me on track (and the weight off) along with suggestions like food menus and recipe ideas which are helpful.

My fitness is important to me as I get older. Participating in the fitness sessions has improved my physique and overall health. I do not get 'puffed out' easily and am fitter than most of my friends the same age. That makes me feel good and gives me a real sense of achievement.

Now that I have lost the weight and am eating healthier, I also feel so much better in myself as I can wear and fit into clothes that I would never have been able to before. This has improved my self-esteem and even my daughters make comments on how better I look.

For anyone thinking about trying Healthy Inspirations I would say to give it a go. I am a success story, and you can be too! This program is for women, and you don't have to be self-conscience as everyone is very encouraging and friendly. The fitness component you can do at your own pace, and whenever you like.

Deb's Top 3 Tips

  1. Just Start!
  2. Water is so particularly important, and from personal experience the more water I had the quicker I lost weight.
  3. Exercise will make you fitter and have a better body shape.

Meet Donna

Lost 7.2kg, 10.8% of her body weight and kept off for 2.5years

I had been a long-time walker and a regular swimmer but injuries to both my shoulders forced me to stop swimming. Although I continued with walking (and walked a lot) my body gradually lost both strength and flexibility. I had no stamina and bit by bit I was also gaining weight. My jeans were getting tighter and more uncomfortable, and I didn’t like how any of my clothes looked on me anymore. As a junior primary teacher, I used to spend a lot of time cross legged on the floor working with students, but I could no longer sit comfortably in any position on the floor. I felt helpless and frustrated with myself every time I looked in the mirror and would vow to eat healthy and exercise more but despite my best efforts my weight just kept creeping up.

I hadn't ever really been overweight, but I had always been the heaviest in a very petite family, so I was quite self-conscious of my weight gain. I thought my extra kilos were difficult to shift because I had reached my 50’s and had been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. It was awful feeling so powerless! I'm not really a gym person, they are not spaces I feel comfortable in or feel I belong, and I've never been good at team sports, so these were not options for me. That said, I knew nothing about Healthy Inspirations. I'd walked past dozens of times and never looked twice, and to this day I don't know what made me walk in to find out more, but I'm so glad I did. I liked straight away that the focus wasn't on losing weight but on developing healthy habits for the mind and body which included food and exercise and resulted in weight loss but had other benefits as well. But the best bit was knowing I had control back over my body and my age and/or health diagnosis had no effect on my ability to maintain a healthy weight.

I'm rarely hungry as three protein meals and morning and afternoon snacks keep me feeling full. I used to have quite a lot of lower back pain. Along with the weight, this has now gone. I'm fitter and my stamina when walking has returned. I've since done lots of walks in the Adelaide Hills and within South Australia and love the adventure of getting up a hill. I am stronger and getting more flexible. I can even sit cross legged again for short periods and my shoulders have also recovered and have a greater range. I've lost body fat, toned up all over and am continuing to work on building muscle and improving my flexibility. I also like the way my clothes fit now, and I've enjoyed buying new clothes in a smaller size that flatter my new shape.

I've been a member of Healthies for two and half years now and have maintained my one-on-one weekly check-in, along with my ideal weight range. These check-ins with the Health Coaches are always very relaxed, friendly, supportive and non-judgmental. They also help to set new lifestyle goals, provide practical advice and helpful strategies which have kept me on track even after I lost the excess weight and moved onto the maintenance program.

Part of the reason I was saddened to give up swimming was the loss of camaraderie and friendships I had built up over a period of years but an unexpected bonus of being part of Healthies is the sense of community and connection with other people, many of whom I hadn't known previously. Healthies is a genuinely caring, inclusive and empathetic group of women. At the centre we can step aside from our jobs, being mothers, being wives and all the other roles, we play in our busy lives and focus on ourselves. There are always common threads that run through our days when talking with other women at the centre and it's good knowing Healthies is a safe space to be heard and to listen when others are in need. I also enjoy the sense of fun that is always found at Healthies.

I have recommended Healthy Inspirations to a number of my friends after they noticed my weight loss. It has been the catalyst for several of them to join the program. One of them has even become a Health Coaches after first joining as a member and then making a career change! I tell them it's not just diet and exercise but a lifestyle that leads to so many health benefits including weight loss.

Donna's Top 3 Tips

  1. Follow the portion sizes in your planner works!
  2. Make a written plan of the meals you will be having each week and use them to make your weekly shopping list. That way you know what you'll be having each day/night and you'll have the ingredients on hand ready to go.
  3. Create a weekly exercise routine that works around your work/family commitments. Before long the routine develops into a habit, it becomes a regular part of your day and it's easy to stick to.

Meet Doreen

Lost 8.3kgs and 12.96% of her body weight

I have been a member at Healthy Inspirations for over 12 years now, and before I came here, I had put on weight, was hungry and eating junk food and processed ready-made foods. This was affecting my health and self-esteem and I couldn’t stand the rolls of fat around my waistline, legs and tummy. As a single lady, I really wanted to make sure the program was affordable and that I would fit in. Once I started, I have never looked back and have formed close friendships with many of the members.

I used to love to go on cruises and noticed my body was different after each cruise I went on. I would indulge in everything the ship had to offer without thinking about it. I usually put 3-4 kilos on with each trip and I didn’t feel good about it. I knew I had to change the way I ate if I wanted to change my body shape.

That’s where joining Healthies made such a difference to my approach to my health, fitness and social life. I began to learn how to substitute those high calorie and refined foods with healthier options. Instead of eating convenience food on the job, I would take my Greek salad or ham and salad and Healthy Inspirations protein snacks with me and have coffee as my ‘treat’. I also found out how much of an impact a glass of wine with dinner each night had on my waistline, so I made sure I had more alcohol-free days each week. When I went on a cruise, I was eating and drinking more mindfully, thus avoiding gaining so many kilos.

I find I don’t get hungry when I follow the program. The recipes are really interesting and varied, so I don’t get bored and they make it easier to stay on plan. I really didn’t want to buy bigger size clothing when I had heaps of smaller clothes in my wardrobe and after losing the weight, I feel more confident in my clothes and generally happier. I think my healthier lifestyle makes me look and feel a few years younger too. If you keep going with your healthy lifestyle and working out regularly, you don’t tend to develop more health problems.

Throughout the years I changed roles to a support worker, which is quite physical. I suffered a lumbar injury at work (and a whiplash injury while driving) but found the exercise advice I received by the fitness instructors at Healthies helped me immensely. I also find my body copes better now because I’m stronger, lighter and more flexible. I’m using a lot of different muscles and that helps with my strength and flexibility. I want to live as long as my mum; she’s 92. When I first came here, I only used the circuit but now I do many of the classes. I love them all and as an added bonus, I’ve always wanted a pair of sexy legs and I’ve got them now!

I tell all my friends that Heathies is the best program one can join. The staff and members are fantastic and we are all there to support and encourage each other. The one on one weekly coaching makes all the difference, as it is individually tailored to my circumstances and keeps me supported, accountable and motivated to maintain my goals.

Following a healthy eating plan or a ‘diet’ is not just 1-2 weeks. It takes 3 months or longer to change your eating habits so it’s important that it is something you can do for the rest of your life. Nowadays I shop differently at the supermarket; I just don’t buy the junk food I used to, or eat a lot of crisps, crackers and sweet biscuits. 

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Ditch the carbs, cakes, breads etc. They look great but are high in calories and low on nutrition. Use the weekly recipes as they are really tasty, healthy and will help lose weight.
  2. Moderate partying and alcohol intake.
  3. Follow the nutrition program you are given and apart from losing weight you will stop feeling bloated and uncomfortable too.

Meet Jo

Lost 11.7kg and 13.4% of her body weight

I joined Healthies to do something just for me. I had lost my mum and my mojo. I felt flat and flat and knew within myself that something needed to change. I needed to move some weight and knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. Some friends were at Healthies and had great success, and all I needed to do was just get into the mindset that it’s ok to put yourself first.

There have been so many lifestyle benefits of following the program and I find as a result that I can make good food decisions. Following the program is easy and I can still accommodate a sporty, hungry, carb loving family - thanks mainly to mushrooms and cauliflower for me. When I go out, I search out the salad, fish and veggie options. If pizza and champagne are the only options - what’s a girl meant to do!

I love all the coaches at Healthies. My weekly nutrition check-ins have been the most important part of my time with Healthies. Filling in my food planner, thinking about the menus for me and my family for the week, knowing what challenges lie ahead make it easier to keep on plan and plan for indulgences.

My clothes fit and some of my favourites are just too big now as I have dropped at least one dress size. Other benefits are that I don’t feel bloated, am more energetic and my headspace seems lighter too.

When starting Healthies it really needs to be a personal decision to do something just for you. Commit to the program, accept the support and community that Healthies brings, and the results will come. It will take time and there will be ups and downs along the way.

My 3 top tips are:

  1. Really want to do it. Make the goal realistic. Stick to the program. Weigh the protein. Cut the carbs.
  2. Don’t sweat the small things. Have that champagne. Have that slider. Make up for it later in the week.
  3. Be prepared for when you know you will go ‘off plan’. No more cheese platters, go straight to mains. Dessert anyone? Yoghurt whips in the fridge ready to rock.

Meet Kylie

Lost 12.4kgs & 16.84% of her body weight 

My weight was increasing slowly, but then accelerated once I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. Due to some complications with surgery, I developed poor core muscles, which led me to my hips and pelvis being out. As a result, I had to give up my dance class, and exercise all together.

Initially all I wanted to do was to get back to exercise, and my focus wasn’t on my weight. After another set back from my hysterectomy, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps. My now husband and I decided to go out for a walk, and we walked past Healthy Inspirations. As we were walking and talking, I mentioned that I had been to a similar centre years ago and really enjoyed it. He simply said, “Give it a go.” The very next day I called and met Coach Nola, joined, and started the program immediately. I love how the centre is close to home, but I wanted to engage in the local community just as much as I wanted to feel better... I got this in one place!

I also have food tolerances and the Healthy Inspirations unique eating program afforded me the opportunity to get back to basics with my eating. I started eating cleaner, felt better and the extra weight that I wasn’t really worried about, just came off! I did cut back a little on my beloved wine but discovered that Vodka and Soda (with less calories) rocks! Life is for living after all! I also was able to rebuild my strength on the circuit too and get back to doing more exercise.

During this journey, I recently got married and felt fantastic in my dress. I didn’t want to just focus on my weight loss for the wedding and my dress fitting but a total
lifestyle change and to not feel guilty about doing something just for me!

Along the way I had difficulties with the restrictions of COVID (not for me but due to being a close contact on high number of occasions in the workplace). The team at Healthy Inspirations fondly named me the ‘COVID queen’ as I had the highest days in isolation!! I did lose my way a little bit at times, however my Coach Cheryl never failed to check in on me, whether that was remotely via the phone or in the centre, with messages of support and for that I am ever so grateful!

My Top 3 Healthies tips are:

  1. Make it fun, include the kiddies in the cooking (they are loving some of the newer recipes and foods we are eating). 
  2. Don't skip the weekly nutrition check-in because you are afraid what the scales may say, it is a lifestyle not a race.
  3. Find a balance you are happy to introduce into your lifestyle - it does not have to be an all or nothing approach

Meet Meredith

Lost 10.3kgs and 12.18% of her body weight

After returning to Adelaide from a stint of living in the UK, a serious accident at home had left me bedridden for about 6 months. The weight started creeping on at an alarming rate for the first time in my life and I woke up one morning, looked at myself and wondered “what the hell happened”.

I was overweight, uncomfortable and embarrassed and decided on immediate action and enter Healthy Inspirations. I wanted a women’s only option and H.I listened to my tale of woe. They were understanding, welcoming and I believed the weight loss and return of fitness level was achievable.

I wasn’t looking for a quick fix but a programme which would become a way of life, and so it has. Healthy Inspirations is outside of my local area but worth the effort of driving most mornings. I’ve now removed 10kgs and kept it off for over 6 years as I continue to set small weight loss weight loss goals - usually in 2-3 kg increments - which works for me and my lifestyle.

I continue to make good decisions as I now understand the science behind the nutrition program and the importance of regular exercise. I couldn't do it without the weekly 1 on 1 coaching for the accountability and keeping on track, and as a result my level of fitness has increased, I am happier and have more energy. I am now able to balance the love of good food, wine and travel with continuing to maintain my weight.

My top tips:

  1. Every decision made will determine your level of success, i.e. swapping a glass of wine for a low calorie gin and diet tonic
  2. Find what works for you within the programme and focus on mastering this
  3. Stay with the programme - it becomes second nature
  4. Keep moving. I tend to stay in my active wear most of the day as it encourages me to do this.

The sum of all your decisions, no matter how small, add up and determine the level of your success. 

The Centre, its coaches and members have become a way of life and I am grateful to be part of it all.

Meet Simone

Lost 12.8kgs and 14.41% of her body weight

When I look back to 2019, the year I joined Healthy Inspirations, the sudden death of my mum's older sister may have been a trigger for me to get started. She died of a suspected heart attack and around that time, my blood pressure was high because I was quite overweight, and my doctor wanted to place me on blood pressure medication. I knew I needed to lose weight, and my aunt’s death had me thinking seriously about my overall health.

I had lost weight in the past, so knew that I could do it, but I also knew it would take a strong mind and determination to get the job done. I knew I'd have to dig deep and although I wasn't too concerned about the process, I knew that it wouldn't be easy. However, I was ready to commence the journey and was comfortable with the Healthy Inspirations program. I was comfortable using the fitness equipment, the idea of weekly 1 on 1 check-ins and accountability plus the centre is very convenient to where I live, which has always been very helpful.

As a result of following the program I feel very healthy. My diet is good, and I feel in control of where I am at from a health and lifestyle point of view. Being over 50, I know that it's so important to be healthy and to keep the weight off. I know that the modifications to my diet and regular exercise are both necessary to stay as healthy as possible for the long term. My blood pressure is now where it should be, and I have avoided going on blood pressure medication. Another benefit of joining Healthy Inspirations is that I was required to reduce the amount of carbs I was eating - particularly bread and pasta, two of my favourites! Not long after reaching my goal weight, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Although this came as a bit of a shock, the transition to a gluten free diet was easier than I imagined and this was due to having already reduced my carb intake by quite a lot, through being on the Healthy Inspirations program.

Even though I have reached my goal weight, the challenge for me is keeping it off for the long term and therefore it is so important to have the continued support of the Healthy Inspirations team. The weekly coaching is still very relevant as it keeps me on track and makes me think about the food that I eat and how it may affect my overall weight. I’ve also noticed that my cravings for unhealthy food have diminished.

I have noticed that my body is stronger since regularly using the gym, and I also feel a lot more comfortable around my abdomen and waist. My legs and overall body are also thinner.

Another added benefit of Healthy Inspirations Prospect is the amazing community of women that go there. It’s a really great place to belong to, plus the team always make you feel so good!

If you are thinking of starting the team at Healthy Inspirations will give you the support and encouragement to lose the weight and will be by your side throughout your weight loss journey. It is a proven way to lose weight - and keep it off!

Simone's Top 3 Tips:

  1. Stick to the program - follow the portion sizes and daily allowances and watch the weight come off.
  2. Make the dietary changes permanent - don't go back to how you used to eat after you lose the weight. Keeping the weight off is just as important.
  3. I keep my lunch time vegetables and dinner vegetables separate in the crisper trays to help with quickly organising meals.

Meet Tash

Lost 16.5kgs and 15.6% of her body weight

I decided to start the program at Healthy Inspirations as I felt big, overweight and had low self-esteem. I knew it was time to do something about it, plus I had the added motivation that in December I have my son's wedding and did not want to look back at photos and not be happy with the way I looked.

I have always struggled up and down with my weight and knew what needed to be done, but just lacked the insight and motivation. Signing up at Healthy Inspirations and having weekly coaching helped with all of this because it kept me accountable from week to week. A Health Coach to celebrate the wins when the kilos come off and that ongoing weekly advice and guidance, because some weeks can be harder than others. The coaching gives you the strategies to tackle upcoming events that could possibly be a challenge or stumbling block.

After losing over 16kgs I have more energy, less pressure on my joints and am motivated to do some form of exercise or activity every day, whether that be walking or doing a circuit at Healthies. I feel more confident and have lost weight in my face, back, legs and off my stomach. I’m even getting my waist back! My clothes fit a lot better, and I feel a lot more confident when dressing up to go out. I now fit back into dresses and outfits in my wardrobe that I love and haven't been able to wear for a long time.

For anyone thinking about doing this program it is great for weight loss as it gives you a plan with weekly coaching. You are supported as an individual throughout the journey and your healthy lifestyle and well-being is Healthy Inspiration’s priority.

Tash’s Top 3 Tips:

  1. Commit to the healthy eating plan because it works and will help with your weight loss.
  2. Regular exercise keeps you on track and energised.
  3. Always remember that you are doing this for your health and well-being.

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