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Your interviewer Susie Frillici

Here's some typical questions we may ask:
1. Where are you from?
2. Which centre has been coaching you through the program?
3. Is your weekly one-on-one coaching in centre or via Zoom? 
4. What's the name or names of your coach/s?
5. What difference has the accountability of the weekly coaching made to you?
6. In hindsight, do you think you could have done this alone?
7. How much did you weigh at the start.
8. How much do you weigh now?
9. And in dress size?
10. Apart from weight loss, have their been any extra benefits you have gained?
11. What concerns did you have about signing up to a weight loss program?
12. In comparison, what was your actual experience with Healthy Inspirations?
13. What are your health and fitness goals for the future?
14. What has been your biggest insight, or change of beliefs about food and weight loss?
15. What would you say to someone looking for a weight loss program or wanting o lose weight?


You've been asked to go to this page as your Healthy Inspirations support team have been inspired by the results your have achieved and your story. We'd like you to help us share your story to inspire other woman, by being interviewed via your computer, tablet or phone.

If you agree with the 5 bullet points below, please complete the form below.

  1. I agree to participating in a video interview.
  2. I agree that "before" photos provided by me or the centre, and pre-approved by me may appear on the video. 
  3. I agree that my weight loss details, pre-approved by me may appear in the video.
  4. I agree that video may be used on the Healthy Inspirations Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram.
  5. I understand and agree that the recorded interview will be edited, meaning that a 5 minute interview may be edited to just 3 minutes. We remove most "umms" and "arrs" and give you the chance to repeat an answer.  

If you agree with the above, please complete the form below. We will provide some interview preparations tips. This may include a mini rehearsal on your phone or computer. It's easier than you think. Many thanks!