December 19, 2013

Which of the following 3 statements describe your current sense of your health and wellbeing?

  1. Score: “-10”: I am not in the best of health. I have a condition for which I need regular medication and treatment. Otherwise I am well enough to get on with life. I do eat and drink some foods that I know I shouldn’t. I can’t help it.
  2. Score: “0”: I regard myself as generally healthy in that I’m not sick and I don’t take any medication. But I’m not in the best shape, I’d be happier if I was 5, 10 or 15 kilos lighter, I don’t always get a good sleep, I am somewhat stressed, my energy levels vary and I am prone to getting run down.  I think I have a healthy diet but I’m not in the best shape.
  3. Score: “+10”: I am in really good health and in really good shape – for me. I sleep well, deal with life’s stresses, have good coping skills, rarely get colds and flu, my “plumbing” works well and I don’t have any brain fog.

Now score yourself. You might say you are somewhere between “0” and “-10”, or between “0” and “+10”.

There are millions of people walking around (just) who would score “0” or less and think that feeling that way was normal.

When they undertake a program like The Healthy Inspirations RESET program, it’s as if they took “The Lifestyle Pill”.

Of course many friends have an ingrained association that any weight loss = diet = deprivation = pain and suffering = going without fun foods and drinks. They actually have these thoughts about any healthy lifestyle improvement.

The good news that most of our members’ experience is the opposite. It goes like this:

  1. At first they are apprehensive thinking things like, “Will I have to go without my favourite foods – my daily bread, sugar in my cappuccino, or the odd take away?”
  2. Then they start and within days say, “My stomach feels so much better and my waistline seems to have gone down.”
  3. Within weeks they say things like, “I’m sleeping better, my energy levels are so much better, and the brain fog has gone.”
  4. Then they realise that their cravings have dissipated. They no longer think about those “foods I couldn’t go without”.
  5. Then they discover a sense of freedom: freedom from cravings, freedom from feeling ordinary, and freedom to be more physically active.
  6. Meanwhile they’ve made the connection that some of the foods and drinks that they used to crave (need) were actually making them sick, fat and feel lousy.

The big turning point happens when a friend says, “You really look great but I couldn’t do that as I wouldn’t want to go without my _______.”

This makes the member think and they realise that they have made positive change. They respond with something insightful like, “To me that’s like saying I wouldn’t want to live without being able to jam my hand in the car door, or I wouldn’t want to live without being able to cheat on my partner. I wouldn’t want to do either of those things and I’m no longer interested in foods that harm me and my family.”

Unfortunately, more than 50% of all Australians are scoring “0” or less. This is making our nation, our communities and our families fat and sick. There is no drug that can reverse this except “The Lifestyle Pill”.

Please spread the good news and share your thoughts.