May 19, 2022

Over 60% of adult Australians are considered overweight or worse. 

It’s reasonable to say that most people have struggled with their weight at some time in their life. Most overweight adults have also tried many ways to lose weight, including structured programs, diet pills, shake diets, endless exercise, starvation diets, food delivery programs and even expensive bariatric surgery… to name a few.

Weight loss is not just about what you eat and drink and how much exercise you do. When someone wants to lose weight, their long-term goal should be to be at their best weight over the long term. 

As humans we are creatures of habits, but many find it far too easy to slide back to old habits. Changing how you think and behave must be reinforced. Having the support and accountability of a coach makes it easier to stay on track and have a better chance of success.

Successful coaching involves creating a trusting relationship and developing a rapport between coach and client, which helps success.

Let’s explore some ways that we believe will help you lose weight more easily with a 15-minute weekly coaching session we call a Check-In.

1.Better accountability for better results

Completing your Daily Planner gives structure to your plan. The planner helps you monitor what and how much you eat and drink, your stress levels, exercise, water, sleep, meal planning, challenges, and cravings. 

Best of all, it helps you determine the exact effect of different foods on your body, your energy and your weight.

The experience and knowledge of your coach guides you to unlock your best self and address struggles you may have like procrastination or time management.

2.Setting goals keeps you more motivated

Setting SMART goals and reading your vision statement daily helps you stay motivated. So does knowing what foods are right for your body and providing alternatives for variety. Planning a week in advance so you don’t get caught out in social situations and if you do, getting straight back on track. One off-plan meal now and then is not going to ruin your program.

3.More than a weight loss program – it’s a lifestyle change

For a better long-term outcome developing healthy habits is the key. Your coach provides you an abundance of options for pre-planning meals, shopping, food batching, low-carb alternatives, recipes, choosing healthy options when eating out, exercise, mindfulness, quality sleep – the list is endless. 

These strategies will give you control of your weight and wellness for life and you will feel more confident.

4.We offer “Certainty” and “Support”

Weight loss is personal and not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many have tried to lose weight before (often many times) and are uncertain about how successful they will be this time. Providing encouragement to keep on track, motivation when you face challenges, acting as your cheerleader on tough days, knowing you have support in your corner about making healthy choices. Your coach is always there for you.

5.Implement changes at a pace that’s comfortable for you

We all adapt to change in different ways. Your coach will identify and help you navigate challenges you are struggling with in a way that you’re comfortable with. Small daily habit changes are far easier and mostly more sustainable long-term. 

We also believe that we must get used to feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable for positive change to happen, so there is a balance.

6.Expand your thoughts and improve your mindset

If you make the commitment to improve your health outcomes and your quality of life, then positive thoughts and improved mindset will follow. 

Emotional support and compassion from your coach will help you through tough situations. Remember we all need to give ourselves proper self-care and reduce and manage stress.

Your coach needs to be understanding of the ups and downs, but tough enough to keep you on track. They’re in your corner.

7.Celebrating milestones are richer when shared

We love to celebrate your victories, no matter how small or how large. It could be your first kilo lost or it could be you have reached your goal weight. Having a coach (and other members) in your corner helps on good days and bad days.

Our weekly coaching sessions (called Check-Ins) allow the coach to offer a wide range of “tools” to make weight loss as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you would like to start (or restart) your journey we’d love to help. 

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