February 11, 2015

When love is in the air we think about those closest to us, particularly our partner. It’s fun to think up the most romantic, unique or wacky gifts or experiences to tell our partner what they mean to us. The funny thing is that many of us show love to our partner far more than we show love to ourselves.

When was the last time you really gave yourself a treat? Just stop for a minute and think back to when this didn’t involve a food treat. It might have been a massage, a bubble bath, taking a relaxing walk to enjoy the scenery, or curling up with a good book; all examples of taking some time out to relax, de-stress and make ourselves feel a bit pampered.

Occasional treats are great, but what sorts of things can you do daily to show yourself love? Some things you do automatically such as brushing teeth, wearing seat belts, and taking pride in grooming show that you care, but there may be other areas of your life where a little more thought may be needed.

High quality, nutrient-rich foods nourish and ensure optimal functioning of both body and mind. The guidelines may be flexible, but make sure to select fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, nuts and seeds. Cook at home, and if you think you’re not a good cook enrol in a class, with your partner or by yourself, to learn some basic skills. Avoid packaged and processed foods as much as possible, and avoid foods with a lot of sugar.

The bonus of eating this way is that your weight will be controlled, your brain will function more clearly, and your mood and energy levels will be more stable. Your pleasure at feeling and looking great will show in your health, happiness and self-confidence, and what better gift could you give yourself and your partner than that?