December 20, 2018

It’s not just at Christmas that many people find their low-carb eating veering off-track, but the many temptations on offer can test the strongest of wills. At this time of year, don’t expect perfection. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll indulge on occasion. Despite this – and perhaps because of it – it’s essential to have some strategies to help minimise any damage to your health, weight, and wellness goals.

1 Routine

Stick to your meal routine but know that it’s better to completely skip a meal or protein snack than eat eat a meal or snack that’s way off your meal plan. Some people are actually more comfortable eating two main meals a day, rather than three a day.

2 Timing

Think about increasing your overnight meal-free time. Think about delaying your first meal by an hour or more, and eating your last meal an hour earlier. Once you’ve made the change it  may suit your body.

Spanish chicken on plate

3 Carbs

Stay reduced carb by ensuring that each main meal has real (not processed) food: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, non-starchy vegetables and low-sugar fruits.

4. Walk

Walk as much as possible because it’s a wonderfully healthy thing to do. Meeting friends and family? Take them for a walk. Go to the park or the beach. Remember “You can’t out-walk or out-exercise the wrong diet for your body.

5. Snacks

If snacks help you proactively avoid hunger, make sure it’s a protein snack that has carbs within your personal limit. (HI shakes are very low carb.)

6. Labels

When shopping, you never need to read labels if you buy fresh foods: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, non-starchy vegetables and low-sugar fruits.

7. Portions

There’s no need to measure portions if you make sure you get your protein serve and surround it with non-starchy vegetables or salad.

8. On your feet

Be deliberate with getting up and moving many times throughout the day. When you get up, move away from the kitchen!

9. Drink water

Dress it up with ice, a twist of lemon and a lovely glass. Don’t drink calories: juices, soft drinks etc. Plain milk is a food as long as it is not flavoured. 

10. Alcohol

If you drink alcohol go low carb: dry wine, low carb beer, soda as a mixer, fresh lime or lemon. Always have a glass of water on the side. Count your drinks. If you drink, do not drive.

11. Focus

Do not eat in front of a screen, as this promotes mindless eating. Slow down your intake by putting knife, fork and spoon down between mouthfuls. 

12. Pre-plan

Using your planner to pre-plan meals keeps you in control, and helps you plan your shopping so you never run out of the foods for your plan.