April 6, 2017

Changing your eating patterns is not always easy, especially if you’re eliminating some of the staples you’re used to. These low-carb tips make it easier.

Food Tips

  1. Pre-plan your meals and shopping
  2. Buy fresh whole foods
  3. Minimise packaged & processed foods
  4. Herbs & spices create flavoursome meals
  5. Eat every meal from a plate
  6. Don’t eat in front of TV or in the car
  7. Discover your daily carb tolerance

Kitchen Tips

  1. Stock fridge & pantry with low carb basics
  2. Steamer & cast iron frypan
  3. Sharp knives & cutting board
  4. Microwave-safe containers
  5. Prepare tomorrow’s lunch tonight
  6. Double the recipe and freeze left-overs
  7. Dishwasher! (LOL)

Sleep & Exercise Tips

  1. No coffee & chocolate after noon
  2. Try mineral water with lemon or lime
  3. Go to bed early
  4. No TV or mobile phone in your bedroom
  5. Establish a consistent bed-time routine
  6. Early morning walk or exercise
  7. Schedule 2-3 gym sessions per week

You might be saying to yourself “Big deal I know all this stuff”. Knowing this, if you’re not happy with your current results, take advantage of our free intro session. We’ll show you the difference you can achieve with an individualised program that suits your unique body and lifestyle. Call your nearest centre today.