September 8, 2016

If you’re like many people, you unconsciously tune out when ads appear on TV. It seems the marketing influence around of some of our most maligned products are taking note, and finding far more subtle ways of influencing our buying and consumption behaviours.

The ABC TV program Gruen looked at sugar advertising, both past and present:

The sugar industry is lobbying government to not change labelling requirements about added sugars: “Sugar is currently labelled under 40 different names, many of which don’t contain the word sugar, and the sugar industry would like to keep it like that.”

This entertaining and enlightening video explains what’s happening now compared to the past, and might just make people realise how they’re being influenced. Tune in from about 3:30 through to 20:00 for the discussion about sugar marketing.

If you understand the subtle marketing influences, it’s easier to avoid the negative health and nutrition influences of substances like sugar.